+5-19-06 USS GUEST DD472 Contributors/Email Address PAGE
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Contributors/Email Address Page

Guest E-mail addresses for Crew Members,
Relatives and Friends of Crew Members

Note: If you change your email address, notify me to UpDate your address.



"Ross Amico - Son of: Rosario J Amico"
"Gary Barber" - Father Frank Joseph Barber -S1c - DOB is 3-9-25 and DOD is 6-25-86
"Allan Bernhard - Uncle is: Kenneth McLaren, CO at Solomons Islands"
"Angela Bovino - Daughter of: Rosario J Amico"
"George H. Carlin - Son of: George T. Carlin" - Deceased 7/20/05
"Victor Carlucci - SN - 6/44
"Roy Dickson
"Heather Fedchak - GrandDaughter of Victor Carlucci"
"Steve Fontenette - Uncle is: Roland J. Landry, Seaman"
"Willaim Harkness - Son of Kellis Harkness S1c - Deceased 12/31/20 - 2/29/76
"Anton (Tony) Krecek - SM3c - 4/44 - 6/46" - Reunion Coordinator
"Roland/Flory Landry Jr - Son of: Ronald J. Landry"- SN - Will accept mail for Ronald
"Joyce (Kovac) Lang - Daughter of: Joe (Kosnessky) Kovac"- GM3 -Died 12/11/2003
"Christine Qualey - Daughter of: Jim Qualey (Deceased)"
"Jim Qualey III - Son of: Jim Qualey (Deceased)"
"David Rehs - Father: George R Rehs" MM1
" David Rehs Jr - GrFather George Rehs - Rate MM1c - DoB ?? DoD ??
"Mike Seaver - Father: Everett L. Seaver, RM3, Deceased June 16, 1959"
"+Rosalyn Seaver - Mother: Mike Seaver"
"Herbert N. Smith CMM"
"Cindy Stingley - Father: George R Rehs, Deceased 1966"
"Beth Landry Taylor - Daughter of: Ronald J. Landry"- SN