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Many Thanks to Ed Fletcher for the photos

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On USS KIDD 4/28/00 Reunion, Baten Rouge, LA.
Ellerman - Lynch - Enos - Plessl -
Back Row: Hewson - Beyer - Glencross - Migden - Fletcher
Ed Fletcher, Kidd throttle board. Reunion 4/28/2000 Fletch in his old bunk. Reunion on Kidd, 4/28/2000 Sig in KIDD engine room. Reunion 4/28/2000

Fletch at 40mm on KIDD, his GQ station,
He passed the ammo.
Reunion 4/28/2000
KIDD Wardroom, L to R,
Bill Enos,Mike Plessl, Don Hewson, Ed Fletcher.
Reunion 4/28/2000
On KIDD, Moment of Silence
for Passed away since last Reunion. L to R
John Glenncross, Don Hewson,
Garrett Lynch, Sig Migden, Ed Fletcher. Reunion 4/28/2000
KIDD Wardroom.
L to R: Mike Plessl, Don Hewson, Ed Fletcher, Paul Beyer, John Glenncross, William Ellerman, Sig Migden and Garrett Lynch, Reunion 4/27/2000

Sig Migden, KIDD background. Reunion 4/28/00 Kidd Head, Washbasins & Showers. Reunion 4/28/2000

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