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Autumn 2001 NEWSLETTER
Sept 24, 2001


Considering the very, very tragic events of this past week, this is a difficult letter to write; however, I found two quotations from our local paper that I felt should be passed on. The first is from President Harry Truman and the second is from President George W. Bush; they seem most appropriate at this time: "America was not built on fear, America was built on courage, on imagination and on an unbeatable determination to do the job at hand."

"America was targeted for attack because we're the brightest beacon for freedom and opportunity in the world. And no one will keep that light from shining."

I certainly believe these speak for all of us and our generation. I have recently been informed that we have a mini-reunion planned on Cape Cod this coming November 1-4 and all of you are invited. Mike Plessl sent a great invitation to all of our shipmates in the New England and Mid-Atlantic states plus myself. The location is the Mariner Motor Lodge, 573 Main St., West Yarmouth, MA. 02673: Phone 1-800-445-4050. Their rates for us are $59 per night for pool-side rooms and $54 for non poolside rooms; add 9.7% occupancy tax. If you decide to attend, please advise Bill DeMarco at 1-781-289-1596 or his e-mail at billdem99@aol.com.

At first I had no thought of coming because Joanne could not come but my good wife said I should go by myself. Consequently, I have my plane reservations via Providence, car rental reservation and room reservations so I'm rarin' to go!

I'II bring all the copies of the FULLAM'S logs too so sure hope to see many of you there.

Speaking of the ship's logs, I ordered and received copies of them for the period of July 1, 1945, through February 28, 1946. For one thing they record the dates of when you left the ship for separation or on leave whether from Adak, Ominato Bay, Kodiak or Bremerton. Like most of you I'm sure you have forgotten the dates of when the ship departed or arrived at various ports after leaving Okinawa in 1945; here they are:

Dep. Okinawa       7/1/45      Arr. Guam         7/5/45 
"    Guam          7/5/45       "   Entiwetok    7/8/45
"    Entiwetok    8/11/45       "   Adak        8/19/45
"    Adak         8/31/45       "   Ominato Bay 9/12/45
"    Ominato Bay  9/20/45       "   Adak        9/25/45
"    Adak         10/2/45 	"   Kodiak      10/5/45
"    Kodiak      10/22/45 	"   Ketchikan  10/24/45
"    Ketchikan 	  11/1/45 	"   Kodiak      11/4/45
"    Kodiak 	  11/9/45 	"   Bremerton  11/15/45
"    Bremerton 	  3/12/46 	"   San Diego   3/16/46

There is one thing that surprised me and that is how little there is recorded concerning the day the war ended. The day was August 15, 1945, and we were about half way between Entiwetok in the Marshall Islands and Adak in the Aleutian Islands as noted from the above schedule.

Below is a copy of the log entry for the 0866-1200 watch and check the entry for 1105 - that's it!

8 to 12: Steaming as before. Mustered crew on stations, no absentees.
0857 Formation ceased zig-zagging and resumed base course.
0909 Formation changed course to l15(T) and 103(psc) to conduct flight operations.
0933 Flight operations completed, formation changed. Course to 026(T) and (pgc); 015 (psc) and commenced zig-zagging in accordance with plan No.6 (USF 10B).
10l1 Went to General Quarters for drill purposes. 1035 Secured from drill General Quarters.
1047 HALFORD (DD 480) reported possible submarime contact and proceeded to investigate.
1050 The Captain held mast and assigned the following punishment: HARTWELL, Max H., 382 58 48, WT2c(T), USN. Offences: 1) Shirking duties, 2) Leaving General Quarters station without permission. Awarded: Deck Court.
1100 HALFORD evaluated Sonar contact as non submarine; proceeding to rejoin formation.
1105 Intercepted a radio broadcast from San Francisco to the effect that President TRUMAN announced officially that the Japanese had surrendered unconditionally to the Allies. Made routine inspection of all magazines and smokeless powder samples; conditions normal.
Lieut(jg)., USNR.

As I recall, we were escorting several small escort carriers (baby flattops) and when this message came through some of their planes in the air started doing all kinds of loops, rolls, and other aerobatics. Did we fire any of the ship's guns in celebration? If we did, I sure have forgotten.

Garrett Lynch identified the two unknown shipmates in the picture from Max Yergin I included in my last letter. They are Nagle, FC2/c, on Max's right and McNichol, FC2/c, on Max's left.

I received a letter a while back from Wayne Watkins from which I will quote the following:
"Enjoyed the pictures very much. The only man I remember well, I believe, is Hamilton if he was a BM. I think his nickname was 'Bones', and, he later appeared in Tsingtao, China. He was in a boxing match at a smoker I attended which included entries from visiting ships. My memory is rather vague on this; but I do remember he was an outstanding member of the deck force."

He's right but if I recall, didn't he have a nickname of "Hbboken" as that was his hometown?

I located another log entry from September 14, 1945, that should bring back some memories to a few of you: I recognize several names we have or have had on our reunion roster. We were anchored in Ominato Bay, Honshu, Japan, at the time:

12 to 16: Anchored as before.
1300 Pursuant to orders of AlNav #252 of 9 September, 1945 the following men were transferred to FANSHAW BAY (CVE70) for FFT to nearest west coast receiving station, for FFT to a seperation center.
ARNOT, Howard (n), Flc, 709 46 49, V6, USNR;
BEAULAC, Armand A. RM3(T), 573 10 l8, V6, USNR;
BEAUSEJOUR, Gerand Emery, WT2c(T), 205 20-41, V6, USNR;
BITTLE, Arthur L. Jr., TM2c, 337 17 82, USN;
BOURNE, George Watson Jr., Cox(T), 204 79 30, V6, USNR;
BOYCHUCK, Peter (n), Cox(T), 642 90 l8, v6, USNR;
BRODIE, Alexander (n) RdM3c V6, USNR;
BROMIRSKI, Edward Francis, SSML3c(T), 709 46 75, V6, USNR;
CALLENDER, Vernon Adolph, TM1c(T), 602 66 76, V6, USNR;
CONGER, Gene Wallace, WT2c(T), 638 85 99, V6, U5NR;
CURTIN, John Pau1, FClc(T), 606 59 28, V6, USNR;
DAVIS, Norman John WT2c, 620 65 40, V6, USNR;
DAVISON, Samuel Howard, Flc, 859 31 45, V6, USNR;
DE SISTO, Joseph Phillp, M2c(T), 203 86 11, V6, USNR;
DESMARIS, Roland E. Slc, 205 22 64, V6, USNR;
DUNCAN, John Henry, Slc, 709 47 24, V6, USNR;
ELY, Robert Arthor, GM3c, 607 74 47, V6, USNR;
FERRY, Robert William, MM3c(T), 273 06 49, V6, USNR;
FIELD, Oliver (n), Slc, 648 19 79{ V6, USNR;
GARNHAM, Daniel Patrick, GM3c(T), 208 92 61, V6, USNR;
GERACI, Frank Joseph, SSML3c(T), 709 47 46, V6, USNR;
HAGE, Richard Boynton, Slc, 724 97 50, V6, USNR;
HARTWELL, Max. Hugess, WT3c 382 58 48, USN;
KNECHT, Leon Earl, YN1c(T), 244 96 15, V6, USNR;
KREBBS, Roy Leland, RDM3c(T), 551 02 8l, V6, USNR;
KRITCHEN, Clarence Joseph, Jr., WT2c(T), 650 80 39, V6, USNR;
MARLAND, Harold (n), RM1c(T), V6, USNR;
MARTIN, John Lee, EM2c(T), 878 51 66, V6, SV, USNR;
MOORE, Elmer Swepson, GM3c(T), V6, USNR;
NESBITT, Roy King, GM3c(T), 845, 26, 95, USN-I;
NEW, Ralph Eldon, Cox, 630 42 50, V6, USNR;
NIMMO, Eugene William, MM2c(T), 875 46 89, V6, USNR;
PARRY, George Tennis, WTlc(T), 628 14 31, V6, USNR;
PHILLABAUM, Lawson Sylvester, Flc, 851 01 87, V6, USNR;
POE, Leon Frank, TM3c(T), 555 76 57, V6, USNR;
VAN SANT, Melvin Butler, GM1c(T), 647 21 07, V6, USNR;
WADE, Clayton (n), StM3c(T), 260 76 52, V6, USNR;
WADER,David Franklin, Cox(T), 668 05 07, V6, USNR;
WAKEFIELD, Troy IlcNeal, Cox(T), 604 07 47, V6, USNR;
WILSON, Arthur Leroy Jr., FC2c{T), 629 14, 25, V6, USNR;
WILSON, William Demsey, StM1c, 640 58 36, V6, USNR;
GAUDREAU, Roger Noe, Cox(T), 20B 92 61, V6, USNR;

Pursuant to orders of ComNorPac 130108 of September, 1945, CTF 44's 122355 of September, 1945, the following officers were transferred to FANSHAW BAY (CVE 70) to report to ComDesPac, United States PacFleet at Pearl Harbor for temporary duty pending release to inactive duty;
Lieutenant Sidney W. BLACKMAN, (CD)(x), USNR, 172372;
Lieutenant(jg), Pau1 W. SPRACKLEN, (D), USNR 364472;
Lieutenant Robert R. WHITCOMB, S(I), USNR, 129244;
Lieutenant(jg) William S. ROUNDTREE, (D) 189791.
/s/ W. W. EDWARDS,
Lieut(jg)., USNR

For our Photo Gallery in this issue we have Les Connors to thank as he submitted the two photos; these were taken in October or November, 1944, in one of San Francisco's most exclusive night club, The Green Hammer. In the upper photo I recognize Red Blanke, Don Hewson, Gus Anderly, and Les Connors; am wondering if the fifth from the left is Kays and not Keys; perhaps his son can set us straight.

In the lower photo I can certainly recognize John Glencross, John Waters, Don Hewson, Louie Dion, Nick Angotti, Les Connors, Roland Desmaris and Gus Anderly. Les's only remark was, "I wonder whatever happened to Betty?"

In closing, I surely pray that when I write my next letter those responsible for the September 11 attack on our country will be brought to justice - dead or alive,
Your shipmate,
/s/ "p.j."
Paul Beyer

Photo #1 Top: Left to right
Front: Harry - Howie
Rear:- Red, Don, Gus, Me??Les conners, Keys, ??, ??, ??,
Photo #2 Bottom: left to right
Standing: Glen, Water, ??, Don, ?? Dion, Mic, Betty, ?? Seated: None known.

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