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Wounded/Missing in Action Page
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UNITED STATES SHIP TERRY (DD-5l3) Thursday March 1, 1945.
Ships Log 0800 - 1600 Watches


08-12 Lying to as before.
0801 Gyro compass returned to operation. The following officers of the medical corps came aboard as soon as possible during the morning, assisted in caring for the wounded and were later returned to their respective ships: Commander Bear and Lieutenant (jg) Fitzpatrick of: the USS Nevada, Lieutenant Becker of the USS Boyd, Lieutenant (jg) Butler of the USS Mc Call, Lieutenant (jg) Shaunnessy of the USS 0' Hara and Lieutenant (jg) Cronemiller of the USS Fremont; Lieutenant (jg) Rudy, assistant engineer of USS McCall DD400) and about 17 men from that ship's Repair Party came on board also and rendered most valuable assistance.
0845 Regained emergency electric power, steering control and use of port engine and #4 boiler. Forward engine room flooded to water line.
0900 On various courses at various speeds underway to transport area off East coast Iwo Jima to close USS Solace in order to transfer wounded.
0940 Commenced lying to in transport area. Iwo Jima., in vicinity of USS Solace.

11OO The following officers and men were transferred to the USS Solace for medical treatment in accordance Form G:
BLUEMEL, Edward, Lieutenant (jg), 187852. USNR
WESTWATER, Robert S., Ensign, E-V(G), USNR
HITNER, Robert S.. 651 41 56, RM3c, USNR
EVANS, James C., 832 39 58, S1c, USNR
KECK, Gordon W., 385 75 08, CMM(AA), USNR.
LAMON, Estel C., Sr., 180 23 91, CCS(AA)(T), USNR
LAUBSCHER, Clair E., 924 37 99, S2c, USNR

The following were transferred to the USS James 0'Hara for medical treatment in accordance with Form. G:
BALDWIN, David M., 753 44 50, F1c (WT), USNR
DE ROSA, Vincent J., 647 37 77, TM1c, USNR
HERMAN, Donald E.. :338 64 91, Flc(WT), USNR
SHOOBRIDGE, William H., 312 43 61, TM3c(T), USNR
MC DONALD, William K., 607 52 90, WT3c(T), USNR
JOHNSTIN, Clarence W., 245 62 87, F2c, USNR
UNDERWOOD. Robert E... 283 43 32, MM1c, U. S. Navy
GRANGER, Edgar E.. 723 08 90, EM2c(T), USNR
KEIGHLEY. Arthur, 212 39 56, CBM(AA)(T), U.S. Navy
SMITH, Harry E., .639 51 12, MoMM2c. USNR

1127 USS Tawakoni (ATF 114) transferred pump to USS Terry. 1150 Secured from General Quarters. Set condition of readiness II.
C. R. GELLNER, Lieutenant, USNR.

12-16 Lying to as before.
1212 Commenced pumping water from forward engine room.
1407 Steaming on course 170 deg T, speed 8 knots (port engine) retiring from 1wo Jima to perform burial services as authorized by CTF 51.
1555 All engines stop.
1600 Lieutenant J.J. Eusack (ChC),.USNR, Catholic chaplain from USS Auburn and Lieutenant (jg) C.W. Junker (ChC), USNR. Protestant chaplain from USS El Dorado commenced burial services.

The following named men were buried at sea having been killed in action in line of duty on March 1. 1945 aboard USS Terry off Iwo Jima:
CRANE, Edward R., 651 15 82, Y2c(T), V-6, USNR
GARD, Maurice Vi., 627 30 35, MM2c. V-6, USNR ]
GRUBB, Charles L. 651 17 56. WT2c(T). V-6. USNR
HALL, Dwight L., 262 68 67. CEM(AA). U.S. Navy
JOHNAGIN, Calvin C., 357 00 98. MM2c(T). V-6, USNR
LE CRONE, Wayne (n), 952 67 47, F1c, SV-6, USNR
O' BRIEN, John P., 244 85 76, QM1lc(T), V-6. USNR
ROJAS, Anthony P. 888 16 64, S2c(SM), SV-6, USNR
SMITH. JOHN F. 553 91 08, S1c(RM), SV-6, USNR
SWENSSON, Emil, acting pay clerk, 406477, U. S. Navy
(passenger for USS San Jacinto)

Burial took place at Latitude - 24deg-47min N. Longitude - 141deg 19min E in 205 fathoms of water.
J. B. LAHRMER, Lieutenant, USNR.

Thanks to Kathy Smith who provided these logs of Terry Action.

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This is Kathy Smiths Uncle, Wayne LeCrone F1c, Dob 10/10/23. Killed during this action.

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