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6/30/00:-- Thanks to: Ed McIntyre for sending the photos for Len.

Subject: Terry: Personal history
Date: 23 June 2000 21:47:46 -0400
From: Leonard Rudnick len513terry@email.msn.com
To: bobross bobrsr@erols.com
CC: EdMcintyre edwin12@netzero.net
Hi Bob. This a letter in response to request for information about members of the USS Terry.

My name is Leonard Rudnick. I enlisted in the navy 9/10/1942 at Cleveland Ohio. Was sent to Camp Green Bay at Great Lakes naval base. After 6 weeks at boot camp I did about 2 months of armed guard around Great Lakes perimiter. I shipped out in Jan. 43 to Boston navy yard in time for the commissoning of the USS TERRY DD513 and settled down for three years of sea duty.

I started out as seaman third class and worked on a 40 millimeter AA gun as a shellman. A short time later I was transfered to the forward fire room as a fireman and later became 2nd class watertender. When Charles Grubb was killed at Iwo Jima I took over his duties as Oil King. I left the Terry in Jan. 46 after prepareing the ship for shutdown and moth ball. I was discharged at Toledo Ohio 2/6/46.

The entire history of the Terry can be found in Janes fighting ships or www.org/danfs/destroy/dd513txt.htm.

After discharge, I went to electronic school, passed the first class federal exam. radio telephone license, worked as an engineer at a radio station in Zanesville Ohio. I moved to Akron ohio about 1951 and went into televison & radio repair business at which I am still engaged in today.

I married Esther in 1948. We have a daughter and 2 grand children.I have some pictures from the Terry and plan to send them to you. It was nice hearing from you and hope to keep in touch. I just got my computer about three months ago and still learning. Wishing you success in your project.

Sincerly yours
"Leonard Rudnick"

Photos provided by Len Rudnick
Thanks to Edwin Williams for scanning the photos & sending to me.
If anyone knows names of anyone in photos, please email me. Bob
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