In case you cannot read the hand written copy, I am providing this copy.

This note from Theodore Lawrence Sept 14, 1983

Dear Pete:
 I want to thank you and all the rest of the committee for the wonderful job you did in planning the Reunion.  I particularly enjoyed the Thursday night dinner.  The offiicers I was board ship with were VanArsdall, Hipp, Raines, new, Lustig, and Denison.  The others I had only heard about and it was nice to meet them.

 Bob Goerlich I remember very well.  He as one of the few experienced and reliable men we had left on board to get the ship back to Charleston.  Irv Johnson reminded me that I tried to talk him into staying on board for the trip but he was too anxious to get back home as soon as possible.  So it turned out the Anthony got back to the stated before he did.

 We will be looking forward to hearing about the next Reunion and hope we can make that tool

 We enjoyed meeting Barbara Randolph; please give her our best regards.

Sincerely yours,

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