+6-19-4 Requesting Donations to Defray site expenses
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Requesting Donations to Defray site expenses

Help keep this DesRon45 Ships WebSite up and running
Make A Donation to help me.

I wish to thank everyone for your interest in the Destroyer Squadron 45 Ships Website and those of you who has contributed information and photos. I have spent a lot of time and resources including the complete funding of this project since starting Dec 1998.

I am now running out of space and to continue accepting material for the ships files, I must buy additional space. This will be an addition expense, which I have decided against spending.

In order to accept additional information/photos for the ships from crewmembers/relatives or friends who served aboard one of them during WW-II I would appreciate any donation to help with the additional expense.

The domain name will expire March 2007. (I will be pushing age 85 years). IF I am alive, I will renew again for Five (5) years. If not, the domain name will terminate and the website url must be used to access the site.

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A listing of contributors will be maintained for anyone desiring to be added.

Any assistance will be appreciated and will assure continued additions to the website.

Send Donations to:

Please send an email if anything is sent. I will acknowledge when received.

Robert E. Ross
60 Oakland Street
Melrose MA 02176

List of Contributors:

Thanks for your help.

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