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Crew Members Relatives and Friends

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"George Austin, Jr. - Nephew of: John H. Austin"
"James & Colleen Bennett - Friends of the Bennett"
"Rob Bilbro - Father - Jim Bilbro, FC2 - Deceased ?? 1985"
"Andy Bruno -FatherInLaw:- R. H. Simet - RD2"
"Patricia Caler - Father:- Carmine "Charlie" Greco"
"Charles Delobe - Uncle Roland G. Laliberte, CS2c "
"Larry Finn - YN2 "
"Richard Gregorie -Father:- Arsene "BOB" Gregorie"
"Thomas Hanrahan - Father:- Gerald P. Hanrahan GM, Deceased"
"Renee Hine - Grand Father:- Tom Owen"
"Randy Lawson - Father:- Robert (Red) Lawson - Deceased 4/5/01"
"Matt Lichorowic"
"Joseph Martin. - Son of: Joseph Martin, killed in Fwd.Engine Room, Apr 44, off Okinawa."
"Ellen McIntosh - Father:- Warren B. Neill - Deceased 1979."
"David Moyer - Uncle:- Samuel Moyer - MM1 - Deceased"
"Lynda Hanes-Polston - Father:- William F. Hanes Deceased 1995"
"George Roberts - Father:- George E. Roberts"
"Wally Stauffer - Friend: Son of Joseph Martin, killed in Fwd.Engine Room, Apr 44, off Okinawa."
"Jeff Stockwell - Uncle:- Uncle Lewis Boyer MM? - Deceased"
"Ken Walters - Father:- Delbert Walters EM3"
"Sheryl White -GrFather:- Ernest D Smith S1c"
"Wayne P. Whitmore - Nephew of: Robert Bowen"
"Michael Wood - Uncle:- William F Hanes Deceased"
"Jonathan Wright. - GrFather:- Dean Wright - Seaman 1c"
- - - - neematoad2001@yahoo.com
"Mike Wright. - Father:- Dean Wright - Seaman 1c" - michael.wright1@mchsi.com

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