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Donn R. Claybaugh
Scrap Book

Many Thanks to Donn Claybaugh

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1- Enlisted Feb. 15, 1943
2-Boot Camp San Diego, Calif. 3-My ID Card 4- Graduated Torpedo School
5- Torpedo Man Patch
6- Me 7- Me & My Girl, Jeanne, 8- My Family
9- Service Center,
Bremerton, Wash.
10- Got Married
July 25, 1943
11- Hudson Launched.
12- Capt W. R. Smedberg III
First CO
13- My GQ Station 14- Shelback Card 15- Liberty Australia 16- Life at Sea
17- On Leave Frisco 18- Jeanne & Me 19- Working & Liberty- Frisco 20- Working at Sea
21- Torpedo Division 22- Torpedo Gang 23- Golden Dragon 180 Meredian 24- Jap Occupation Money
Torpedo Division:- Above
Top Row: Donn - Fred Turkheimer TM3 - O.P. DeLeon TM2 - Dick Russell TM3 - Melvin Samuelson TM3 - Paul Neil TM1
Front Row: Kenneth Gieg S1c - Jack DeFrancis S1c - Milton Tyndall Tm1 - George Klima TM3
Torpedo Gang above:
Names not furnished.

25- Hudson Fantail 26- Sangamon Burns


Enlisted in United States Navy as A.S. (Apprentice Seaman) on February 15, 1943.

Went to U.S.N.T.S. (U.3. Naval Training Station) in San Diego, Calif. on March 4.

Left "Boot Camp" in San Diego as S1/c. Was in Company 43-87. May 11.

4Arrived at Naval Torpedo Station in Keyport, Wash. on May 15.

Graduated from Keyport as S1/c August 7.

On leave August 7th to August 16th. At home.

Arrived in San Francisco August 18th. Sent to Treasure Island Receiving Station until 19th.

On Goat Island (Yerba Buena) from August 19 to September 6.

On board S.S. Tabinta, a Dutch freighter, from Sept. 6 to Sept. 28.

Went to Tahiti, then New Caledonia. At R.S. Noumea, Navy Base for three weeks.

On transport, U.3.3. Pinkney Oct. 19 to Oct. 21. Went to Havanah Harbor, New Hebrides.

On yard oiler to Efate Harbor, New Hebrides.

On transport 3.3. John Bartram Oct.. 21 to go back to Havanah.

On banana barge to Efate.

Boarded U.3.3. Hudson at Efate, Oct. 21, 1943. Back to Havanah Oct. 22.

Arrived in Tulagi next.

In Task Force 31 for Bougainville Invasion Nov. 1. First action seen.

To Guadalcanal for Transports, then back to Bougainville. Made several trips to Bougainville & Treasury Island during November.

Ran aground in Russel Islands about Nov. 20th

Went to Espiritu Santo, New Hebrides on Dec 1 to dry docks & had screws fixed.

Dec. 19-20, Convoy duty in Solomons to Bougainville Met no opposition.

Dec. 21, Saw Munda & Rendova, scene of most bitter fighting of war so far.

Dec. 22, Saw Vella La Vella, pretty island.

Dec. 25, Ate Christmas dinner off Bougainville. Had Army rations.

Dec. 26, Had regular Christmas dinner.

Jan. 5, Bougainville again. Caught convoy at Russels on 4th.

Jan. 4 to 15, Trips to Bougainville.

Jan. 15, To Rendova with PT's.

Jan. 24, Patrolled within 25-miles of New Irland, furthest north we've been. No Opposition.

Jan. 25, Bombarded Buka off Bougainville.

Jan. 29, Anchored off New Georgia.

Jun. 30, To Green Island with New Zealand Raiders.

Jan. 31, Back to Green for Raiders. Sunk sub on way back.

Feb 1, Bombarded Buka.

Feb. 2, Got Marines Marines from Guadalcanal. Bombarded Kolombungara Island. Set record for most shells fired in a limited time.

Feb. 4, Got war souvenirs on island.

Feb. 5, shot at sleeves. Five ships with six sleeves, got five of them and fired last.

Feb. 15, Captured Green Island.

Feb. 20, Took large convoy to Green Island.

Feb. 22, Back to Purvis Bay, Guadalcanal.

Feb. 23, Underway patrol duty around Rabaul & St. Georgia Channel. Patrolled to northern tip of New Irland. Sunk tug & barges.

Feb. 28, Patrol duty north of equator in Carolines.

Feb. 28, Patrol Duty around Truk.

Feb. 26 to March 8, In port at Tulagi.

March 10, At Bougainville Strait on sub sweep. Used 44 depth charges. Sunk 1 sub. Bombarded barges attempting to evacuate officers from Bougainville.

March 15. Took LST'S to Green Island. Dropped six charges.

March 22-29, In task force to Imarau. North of Kavieng.

April-May, In convoy to Sidney, Australia to prepare for invasion.

June 8, Arrived at Roi Island.

June 10, Left Roi for Guam.

June 13, Arrived at Saipan & Tinian. Bombarded & dive bombed, but no resistance.

June 15, Marines landed. Light resistance. Slight air attacks.

June 16, Arrived at Guam. Left same morning to engage enemy fleet.

June 19, Fought greatest air battle of war in Philippine seas. Two men killed, 5 injured, 3 ships hit. Shot down 747 Jap planes in one day.

June 20, Within 400 miles of Tokyo, very close to China coast.

June 25, Left Saipan vith heavy cruisers & convoy.

June 26-July 17, Between Saipan & Guam. Bombarded Guam.

July 13, Left for Guam.

July 21, Invasion of Guam. No air resistance. Troop casualties light. Advance steady.

July 27, Picked up 4 native enlisted men who escaped in small Japanese boat. Guamanese.

July 29, Japs committing-Hari-Kari off cliff at Guam.

August 12, Left Guam for Eniwetock.

August 24, Arrived in Esperita Santo, then to Purvis Bay for maneuvers.

Sept. 6, Left Purvis for Palau.

Sept. 14, Invaded Palau after bombardment. Shells close over heads.

Sept. 28, Arrived at Manus Admiralties.

Oct. 5, Left Manus for Pearl Harbor.

Oct. 14, Arrived in Pearl Harbor.

Oct. 15, Left for United States.

Oct. 21, Arrived in San Francisco, Calif.

On leave for twenty-one days. At home.

Reported back to San Francisco Nov. 11. Was there while Hudson was being repaired at shipyards.

Left San Francisco first part of December, arrived in San Diego.

Left San Diego Dec. 18 for Pearl Harbor.

Arrived Pearl Harbor Dec. 24.

Saw brother, Carl in Pearl Christmas Day.

Jan. 27, Left Pearl for Eniwetok.

Feb. 5, Arrived in Eniwetok.

Feb. 7, Left for Pagan for picket duty

Feb. 15, Arrived in Saipan.

Feb. 16, Left for Iwo Jima.

Feb. 19, Arrived and invaded Iwo Jima. Very hard fight. Many air raids and much bombardment. Most fortified place in world. 6th Star.

Feb. 24, Shot down Jap plane. Air raids almost every night.

Feb. 28, Jap Betty flew over fantail.

March 1,& 2, Bombarded Iwo Jima.

March 6, Left for Guam.

March 8, 3-29 crashed into sea killing 6 men outright. Picked up 6 men, 2 died on board. Headed for Saipan. At 10:30 or 11:00 P.M. Hubert Stephen DeWitt sustained electrical shock which caused his death at 2:30 A.M. March 9, 1945. Escorted body to beach.- The loss of the best friend I ever had.

March 10, Left for Guam.

March 11, Arrived and 1--L't for Ulithi.

March 12, Arrived and left for Leyte.

March 15, Arrived in Leyte.

March 18-21, Picket duty in Surigao Strait.

March 22-26, Availability in Leyte Harbor.

March 27, Left for Okinawa after taking part in rehearsals for invasion of Okinawa.

April l.. Arrived at Okinawa, Ryukyus Islands.

April 2. Picket duty 62 miles NW off Okinawa. Sunk two barges.

April 5, Picket duty 62 miles NW off Okinawa. sunk one mine.

April 6, Picket duty 62 miles SW off Okinawa. Sunk sub and one plane.

April 7-22, Picket duty around island. Several air raids and plenty of excitement. Lots of destroyers getting hit and we were wondering when our time was coming.

April 22, A Kamikaze suicide plane hit the ship and slightly damaged us, but failed to Crash it. It's wing hit forecastle as it was banking. Crashed into the sea ten feet from ship One Casualty, Dinwiddie injured.

April 23, Air raids developing. Relieved on picket duty and proceeded to base. Arrived at Keramo Retto for repairs.

May 4, Back on picket station. A plane shot down crashed into the escort carrier, U.S.S. Sangamon which burned fiercely. We pulled alongside and fought the fires until it was under control. The ship received considerable damage.

May 10, Left for Guam to undergo repairs.

June 22, Repairs completed. Returned to Okinawa and operated in vicinity of Nakagusuki Wan.

July 1, Left for Eniwetok, Marshall Islands.

July to August, Were on convoy duty between Eniwetok and other bases.

August 11, Left for Adak, Aleutian Islands for duty in North Pacific area.

August 31, Left Adak and went to Ominato in the Northern Honshu and Hokkaido area of Japan for occupation.

Sept. 7, Arrived in Japan. Stayed about two weeks.

Sept. 21, Left for. Adak and stayed for two or three weeks.

Oct. 1, Left for Kodiak and stayed until Oct. 20th.

Oct. 27, Were in Skagway for Navy Day.

Nov. 1, Left for Kodiak.

Nov. 5, Arrived in Kodiak.

Nov. 10, Left Kodiak for Seattle, Washington.

Nov. 13, Was discharged from Hudson. Went to PAL barracks in Seattle. Went to Receiving Sta. in Seattle and stayed for three days.

Nov. 16, Was sent to Bremerton, Washington.

Nov. 19, Got on an Army transport and went to San Francisco,

Nov. 21, Arrived in San Francisco. Stayed an hour.

Nov. 22, Arrived in San Pedro. Went to Terminal Island Receiving Station.

Nov. 25, 1945. Was honorably discharged from U.S.N.R. (United States Naval Reserves.)


Do we look at a battle-scarred man, glance away and Say 
oh well, what is done is done? 
Do we look at the strained faces of mothers and wives
And ask ourselves, is there a battle yet to be won?

Is the answer yes or no? 

Do we realize how much we owe? Is there so much to Do, 
So  many places to go we haven't time for tales of woe?

Is the answer yes or no? 

Are we doing our best to find places of-rest for the 
soldier who has loved ones to care for? 
Do we really care? Do you think we are fair to the 
Brave boys just home from the war?

Is the answer yes or no? 

Are we snug and contented in our homes while the weary 
Soldier and sailor reams from place to place? Is there 
A smile on his face?

Is the answer yes or no? 

Are we forgetting the tears; forgetting the years that 
Were spent on land and sea 
By our noble sons shouldering guns? Are we forgetting 
They fought for you and me?

Is the answer yes or no? 

Are we loving and kind to the maimed and the blind? 
Is our motto live and let live? Is gratitude all 
We've got to give?

Is the answer yes or no? 

Just what are we going to do? Are we going to see 
To it they come smiling through? 
Do the foregoing words point to me and you?

Is the answer yes or no?

Carol Claybaugh, (grandmother) 
Published in "Tribute to Triumph", 
an Anthology of Post-War Verse, pub. 1947 N.Y.

Ships Log Seventh-Reunion USS Hudson DD475
19, 20, and 21 October 1995
Jacksonville, (Atlantic Beach) Florida
DeLora K. Williams
Corresponding Secretary
and Tredsurer

5607 Gillis Street
Son Antonio, Texas 78240

(210) 681-2762

Ships Log Seventh-Reunion USS Hudson DD475
19, 20, and 21 October 1995
Jacksonville, (Atlantic Beach) Florida Sixty four shipmates, spouses and friends gathered and reminisced on Thursday, October 19, 1995 through Saturday, October 21, 1995 at the Sea Turtle Inn in Atlantic Beach, Florida, near Jacksonville for the Seventh Reunion of the USS Hudson, DD475 On Friday the 20th, we embarked a bus for Mayport Naval station to board the USS Gettysburg, CG 64, an Aegis Class Cruiser. Admiral Pratt and Commander Sharer were piped aboard and greeted by Captain H.G. Ulrich of the Gettysburg. The rest of the group then boarded the ship and were greeted by Captain Ulrich who then provided various of the ship's personnel to guide small-groups of us on a ship's tour. Some toured topside while others viewed the galley and the engine room. After the tour we all assembled on the helicopter flight deck for a most impressive memorial service honoring our departed shipmates. Master Chief Corcoran opened the ceremony, Captain Ulrich spoke about the battle history of the Hudson and read the Hudson's Unit Citation awarded by Secretary of the Navy Forrestal. The ship's Chaplain offered a prayer for those departed, Admiral Pratt spoke and cast a wreath representing all of our departed shipmates into the sea at which time a rifle salute was fired and taps was sounded. The Chaplain then offered a closing prayer. A list of our departed shipmates had been provided to each of us. Thereafter, we boarded the bus for a sightseeing trip of the Naval Base with a stop at the ship's store for a little shopping before going to the Officer's Club for lunch. During lunch each member of the ship's company present arose, identified himself arid stated his inclusive dates of service aboard the Hudson. Several widows did likewise for their departed husbands who had served on the ship.

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