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USS Hudson DD475
Crew Photos
Then & Now

This file contains Photos of Crewmembers & Family
1. Photo as a young man - and recent (latest)
2. Photo of member and wife when married and now
3. Photo of Children and Grandchildren.
Please give Names, Dates and location if you send anything.

Born May 26,1915 - Died June 15, 1970

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William J Maye RD1
William J Maye
Wedding 10-4-1947

William J Maye Family July 2001
John & Shasta Cook Wedding In Texas
On Floor: Michaela
Row 1 Seated: Christy Wheeler, Megan Whyte, Mary Coleman Maye (Wife), Ronan Maye, Colleen Cook, Jacqueline Maye
Row 2: Patty (Maye) Wheeler, Mary Ellen (Maye) Whyte, Shasta Cook, Paul Maye, Kathy Maye, William Maye
Row 3: Kevin Wheeler, Bob Wheeler, Ryan Wheeler. Bill Whyte, John Cook, Kathy (Maye) Cook, David Cook, Robert Maye holding son Brendan, Heidi Holihan Maye


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Bob Ross RM1
Bob Ross
Bob & Lil Got married 1946 Bob & Lil 1997

Ross Family, Bobby, Lucille- Lillian -Bob

Lucille & Roberts Bates
My daughter
Ronald Vining
Lucilles son
Ronald Vining & Pres. Clinton

Bobby & Sandy Ross
My son
Steven & Kaleigh Ross
My Grand Children
Bobby Ross 1999

Ermal Stanley

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Ermal Stanley
Seaman1c 1945
Ermal Stanley
circa 1949 Army Air Force
Lemiel Stanley, Wife Ermal & Lemiel Stanley 1947
Married April 19, 1947, Pikeville KY

Ermal Stanley Family
Christmas 1985
Back row LtoR:
David Leon (in white,son of Ermal Jr.& Liz),Marcie (in large stripped shirt,wife of James),James (wearing glass's,son of Ermal & Lemiel), Audrey (in red,wife of Larry Sr.)

Middle row-RtoL:
Larry L. Sr. (son of Ermal & Lemiel), Lemiel (Ermal Sr wife), Ermal Sr.(veteran USS HUDSON), Katie (daughter of James & Marcie), Liz (in black, wife of Ermal Jr.), Jamie (daughter of James & Marcie), Regina (daughter of Ermal Jr.,& Liz).

Front LtoR:
Ermal Jr.,(son of Ermal & Lemiel), Laurel Shawn (daughter of Larry & first wife), Lee Shanon (son of Larry & first wife), Larry Lee Jr.,(son of Larry & first wife) and Amy (on floor in corner, daughter of Audrey & first marriage).

Ermal Stanley
TSgt Army Air Force 1945
Ermal Stanley Sons
Lemiel, Liz (Ermal Jr's wife), Audrey (Larry's wife), Larry Sr., Ermal Jr.,
Ermal Stanley Son
Katie & Jamie
....Middle row:
James & Stephanie
....Front row:
Marcie (James's wife)
Christmas 2000
Lance Stanley & Friend 2003
Grandson, Larrys Son

Jim Denny

Thanks to Jack Denny, Jim's brother for all photos

He would like to hear from anyone who remembers Jim. Email "Jack Denny". jdenny1@twcny.it.com

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1. James Robert Laningham,
Grandfather holding Jack. Jim standing 1925
2. James (Jim) H. Denny BU1 On Leave 1944
dob 11/27/21--Dod 5/2/79
3. "Cupe" Mary Margaret (Wynn) Denny, Wife 1944 4. Cupe-Jim
Married Oct 30, 1944, Baltimore, MD

5. Jim-Cupe Denny
Wedding clipping 1944
6. Jack & Jim Denny
Jim visiting Jack on leave
Baltimore, MD 1942.
7. Jim Denny
Wife Cupe, son James 1949.
8. Jim Denny Family Spring 1977
Front:Jack dau. Cheryl holding Jack
JRs son Mathew - Standing L to R:
Jim, Cupe, Jim & Jack's parents
Pearl & Robert, Jack & wife Jean.

Thanks to Linda Benjamin, Angell's daughter
1. Morton Angell - Ensign 1945 2. Morton Angell - Wife- Veterans Memorial, 8/04

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