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USS Hudson (DD475)
Association Secretary Report.
21 November 2000

Oct 29-Nov 2, 2000
San Francisco, CA

Well, once again the reunion of the USS Hudson people was a big success.

Jay Hamerslag, the chairman to the 12th reunion could not attend, as he had to have triple-by-pass surgery three weeks before the reunion. We are glad to report that he is recuperating just fine. Ace Parker, A.Y. Olds, and Bob VanValkenburg filled in for Jay.

While talking about triple-by-pass surgery, I must also tell you about Frank Lawrence. Frank attended the reunion and then after returning home, had the same surgery, plus some additional heart surgery. He too is recovering at home and doing just fine.

Reunion bus tours included:

  • The Golden Gate Bridge,
  • Pac-Bell Giants Baseball Stadium,
  • Alameda Air Station,
  • Vista Point,
  • Cliff House,
  • Chinatown,
  • Ghirardelli Square,
  • Treasure Island,
  • Japanese Tea Garden
  • and other sites.

We spent some time aboard the aircraft carrier USS Hornet. We were escorted aboard the ship by Chaplain Commander (Retired) John Berger. We were given a short history of the Hornet and the previous Hornets. We were then given free reign to go any place on the ship. After a very nice box lunch we gathered on the fantail for the Memorial Service. Several Hudson men read all the names of the deceased members. A bell was rung after each 15 names. A bouquet of flowers was lowered over the starboard side by Admiral R. R. Pratt and Commander J. Berger.

Wednesday night the banquet was held at the Marine's Memorial Club, and I must say, Adm. Pratt certainly looked magnificient with all his medals and ribbons on his chest. It was the first time we had seen him this way. We were pleased that Marine Captain (Retired) Steven Pratt and his wife Tara attended the dinner. Steven is the youngest son of Adm. Pratt and Ann.

The plaque that was purchased with our $2500 donation is now hanging in the Navy Museum in Washington, D.C. We will plan, at some future time, to meet for a dedication ceremony. We will give plenty of advanced notice so that any of you that are interested in attending may make arrangements. An excess of $260 was donated and it was decided to leave it for the time being. It will be used for something special in the future.

NEXT: Where do we go next year? It is time to go to the Central States and the following year we go to the East Coast. Some have voiced their opinion and feel that it is necessary to have the reunions where there is sea water. But, this is not necessarily true. We have had very successful reunions San Antonio, Nashville, St. Louis, Appleton, and San Antonio a second time. The main idea is to meet, greet, make new friends, renew old friendships, talk over old times, etc. It is necessary to give all a chance to come to these reunions, not just to the few who can afford a trip clear across the country. After much discussion it was decided that sometime in September or October 2001, we go to Colorado Springs, Colorado. There is a lot to see and do, also more inexpensive. San Francisco was very expensive. Branson, Missouri was discussed, but decided that the distance between Springfield and Branson was such that travel between the two would be to expensive. Also, there is not much there except Western Shows.

Latest news on the Navy Unit Commendation - It is a ribbon, Not a medal.

Combat Action Ribbon - Can send for it now.

I will send more information when it is available.

DeLora K. Williams
5607 Gillis
San Antonio, Texas 78240

Attended 12th Reunion Oct 29 - Nov 2 2000 - San Francisco CA

Morton & Arlene Angell
Danny & Karen Belsky
Donald & Frances Burdorf
Betty Jo Carter
Robert & Evelyn Fath
Dan & Esther Fee
Fred Gedemer
Allan & Helen Hawthorne
Roger & Emily Hixon
George & Virginia Kowal
Frank & Arleen Lawrence
Jay & Bobbie Lewis
Jack Lynch
Tom, Liesa & Regina Moorhead
Paul & Jeanniece Neil
A. Y. Olds
Ed & Maxine Parker
Bob & Jeanne Payne
Richard & Ann Pratt
Ruebin & Mary Stanislaw
Neil Trosper
Robert & Betty Van Valkenburg
DeLora Williams

40 Members & Guest Attended

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