+7-16-04 Hudson Reunion 2004 schedule Info

Reunion 2004 Schedule Information
Wednesday October 6 thru Saturday October 9, 2004


August 23, 2004 This received from DeLora

20 August 2004
To All Members of the USS Hudson DD475 Association

It is a BIG DISAPPOINTMENT, but we have decided to cancel the 2004 Reunion at.....

The attendance was going to be too low. Reasons for not attending were varied, and too many to list. We gave it out best, worked very hard, but it is a No Go.

Next year, 2005, Bob and Delores Harris have agreed to chair our reunion in New Orleans, LA. We will let you know more as soon as possible.

A new roster and treasurer's report will be out soon. Please send me any corrections, additions, etc.

If you haven't paid your dues of $15.00 this year, please do so. The cost of printing, postage, etc, is always going up.

Stay happy and healthy and God Bless.

Don Burdorf
Ace Parker
A.Y. Olds

Delora Williams

Due to the fact we are all getting older, and of course this better than the alternative.

We are requesting each member of the USS Hudson DD475 Reunion Association to read, answer, give your opinion to the following:
Do you think we should continue to meet each year? _____
Do you think we should think of disbanding? _____
Why _________________________________________________

It has been suggested that we have a reunion in New Orleans LA next year (2005). Bob and Delores Harris have volunteered to chair it.

Do you think that you would attend?__________
Would you want to suggest a different time of the year?__________
If so, what?___________________

Do you have any comments or suggestions ?

Please answer and return to:
DeLora Williams
5607 Gillis
san Antonio, Texas 78240
or call DeLora at (210) 681-2762

Sign your name

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