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USS Hudson (DD475)
Association Secretary Report.
2 November 1999


Yes, it's a thing of the past, but oh what wonderful memories.

I'm sorry to say that three couples had to cancel, just three or so days before the reunion. Then on Thursday - Adm. Pratt and Ann had to return to Florida, due to her illness. I'm glad to report - Ann Pratt is just fine, in fact, I believe that they are visiting family in California at this time.

Tuesday night we met in the hospitality room, renewed friendships and made new ones. We had several new members, first timers. It was GREAT!

Wednesday we made a trip to Washington D.C.. It was rather a wee-windy day, but wonderful. Due to the weather the Memorial Service was held inside the Navy Memorial Museum. Adm. McKinney, Director of the Foundation arranged a very touchiung service. The flags were presented, taps, names of the deceased were read, a bell was rung after each name. Adm. McKinney said that he had read the history of the Hudson and had great praise and admiration for the men of the Hudson. In memory, a wreath of flowers was placed by Adm. Pratt and Admiral McKinney. All in all it was a very touching ceremony. After lunch we visited just about all of the memorials in D.C. and made a tour of the city.

Thursday, (a beautiful day), we had a tour of Baltimore and the Inner Harbor. Had lunch and then boarded a boat to tour the Harbor and had superb views of Ft. McHenry, Fells Point, Federal Hill, etc. Ft. McHenry was where the Star Spangle Banner was written and we were given the story of how, when and why.

Thursday evening we had the banquet at the hotel and a very short meeting. Ole and Llena came and told some fantastic stories. If you don't know who Ole and Lena are, be sure and come back next year, we might be able to persuade them to come back.

Friday - We had a tour of the United States Naval Academy, in Annapolis. You really missed something if you were not there. We toured the grounds, the Cathedral of the Navy and the Crypt of John Paul Jones, the museum and had lunch in the dining room. After lunch we walked to the parade grounds. We, the Hudson people were VIP's, had chairs under a canopy. The parade had over 4000 men and women on the field, presenting a most beautiful ceremony. We received an eyes right salute.

Friday Night - We had a Pizza Party in the hospitality room. We did learn a lesson, our people do like Pizza and we were really short. So sorry, will try to do better the next time, promise !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When we were at the Navy Memorial Foundation Museum in Washington D.C. we saw that some ships had placed plaques on the sall, very few destroyers. The cost of a memorial plaque in the name of the USS Hudson DD475 is 2,500.00. It would be larger than the one that we have at the Nimitz Museum In Fredricksburg, Texas. This is something that will last and can be seen and appreciated for future generations. We did not collect any money that night, but did take a survey to see if the people were interested. Yes, they were, and pledged almost $1,900.00. We therefore are going forward with the idea of the USS Hudson DD475 being put on display for all to see. I can say, yes, I have received some of the money pledged, since I have came home.

Where do we go next year? We have a committee of four working on this, hoping to find something on the west coast. We will let you know, when we know something.

Robert V. Van Valkenburg

DeLora Williams

Attended Eleventh Reunion October 1999 Washington DC

Morton & Arlene Angell
Danny & Karen Belsky
LeRoy & Dorothy Brandt
Fred & Rose Bullock
Donald & Frances Burdorf
Rocco Campanelli
Betty Jo Carter
Charles & Tina Chenoweth
Donn & Jeannie Claybaugh
Robert & Evelyn Fath
Dan & Esther Fee
Fred Gedemer
Jay & Minnette Hamerslag
Allan & Helen Hawthorne
Roger & Emily Hixon
George & Virginia Kowal
John & Doretha Lambert
Paul & Joanne Lancaster
George & Marie Landrigan
Frank & Arleen Lawrence
Jay & Bobbie Lewis
Jack Lynch & Mary Swenson
Tom, Liesa & Regina Moorhead
Paul & Jeanniece Neil
Val & Nancy Northcutt
A. Y. Olds
Ed & Maxine Parker
John & Lilly Patricio
Bob & Jeanne Payne
Richard & Doris Paynter
Richard & Ann Pratt
Richard & Dottie Russell
David & Patty Sharer
W.C. & Margaret Smith
Ruebin & Mary Stanislaw
Neil Trosper
Robert & Betty Van Valkenburg
Allen & Doris Wanquist
Doris West &
Lorraine Foote
DeLora Williams
Victor Williams &
Carol & Roy Eckhardt
R. A. Zoeller

42 Members Attended plus guest

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