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In Jan. 2000 I received an email from Susan Morgan looking for information on the USS Halford for her Father. It was unusual as her father; James Morgan was a Sergeant (Medical) in the U.S. Army in the Pacific during WW-II. James Morgan returned to the states on the Halford.

I gave her our website address and had no further mail except to tell me where she and her father were located.

On Feb 5, 2001 I notified the Halford email list that I was starting a Photos- Then and Now page for the Halford. On July 4, 2001, I received 8 photos in my email from Letisha Tse, daughter of Susan Morgan. Although James Morgan was not a crew member, I have buildt a personal page for the photos.

Maybe some of you will remember him being aboard on the return to the states after the war ended.
Bob Ross.

Email addrerss for"Susan Morgan"
Email addrerss for"Letisha Barksdale Tse"

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At left James A Morgan At left James A. Morgan James Morgan, 1943 James Morgan May 2001

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James & Maude Morgan (right) 1943 got Married James & Maude Morgan May 2001 Maude Morgan, 1943 Children of James Morgan
Left: Randy, Bo,
Don, Susan & Perry

NOTE:When I got the above photos I was curious as to why ayone in the U.S. ARMY would be returning to the states on the USS HALFORD after the war. The following is the reply from his Daughter Susan Morgan, sent to me by his Grand Daughter, Letisha Tse.


Subject: HALFORD-from my mother (Susan Morgan) about her father (James Morgan)
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2001 17:51:22 EDT
From: Letisha Tse - Lettie1978@cs.com
To: bobrsr@erols.com

Here is the info on how my Grandad, James Morgan, USArmy, returned to the states on the Halford as told to my mother Susan Morgan.
Letisha Tse

Dad's Army Days

Recently I visited my Dad and started talking about his army days. I wrote down the following information and thought I would pass it on to you. Also, the pictures my daughter sent you looks great on your website. As soon as all the information is posted, I will show my Dad and Mom and surprise them.

My dad trained with and was very good friends with Sidney Grasher (not sure how to spell his last name but that is what it sounds like). Sidney wanted to be a teacher. After training were separated. Once Sidney came from Tokyo to visit my Dad.

In 1945, Dad was sent overseas on the USS Ernie Pyle. There were around 3200 soldiers on the ship besides the crew and this was the ships very first voyage. There were lots of nice pictures of the Ernie Pyle that many soldiers purchased including my Dad. Unfortunately, his picture was stolen.

Dad was stationed in Yokahoma, Japan and served under 5 Star Commander General McArthur in the 8th army. One of the Colonels he remembers is Col. Upsaw. One of the Captains was Robert Bergan from Minnnesota.

Some of the soldiers who served under my Dad are listed below. He remembers only the last names of some. I may not have the correct spelling of some of the names.
Saloway - from Minnesota
Lonnie Thompson- from Tennessee
Holloway - from Texas
Carter - Maryland
Bush- Shreveport, Louisiana (was a T4)

When the war ended, he said it was crazy trying to get all the soldiers home and there was a shortage of ships to carry all the soldiers home. He and other soldiers had to wait a long time for a ship to bring them home. He said that is why he and a few others were sent home on the USS Halford which is not a troop ship.

Dad recognizes the some of soldiers in the pictures that shows them eating. The ones he recognizes are as follows:
1st picture: My Dad is on the left and looking clockwise next to him is a 2nd Lt. from Michigan. He cannot remember his name. Next to the him is 1st Lt. Reeves.

2nd picture: My Dad is on the left, looking clockwise, the 4th soldier is Sgt. Norris Foster. Sitting at the head of the table with his back turned toward you and to the right of my Dad is Corporal Lonnie Thompson from Tennessee.

My Dad can recognize faces but does not remember all the names. He may recall names in the future. Maybe someone will see these pictures and recognize some of the others.

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