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William L McKeny Page

Photos provided by Cathy & Earl Jacobs, Mr. McKeny's daughter.

Subject: USS Halford
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2000 17:37:35 -0500
From: "Earl B. Jacobs" EJACOBS@SATX.RR.COM
To: "Bob Ross Sr -RMCS USN-RET"

Mr. Ross:

My sister has forwarded to me pictures of my dad and a few of his friends in their uniforms. We have names on most of them but one has no name. Maybe someone will recognize him. I will forward them to you following this email. There will be about four to follow.

Also as soon as she can she is going to send me a copy of the actual newspaper they gave to the men and even a copy of a menu. We thought that might bring back some memories for some and felt the families would find it fun to look at as we had. She is also looking through more of his papers to see if there is anything else we have that we could pass on to you. Again thank you so much for the wed site. We really enjoy finding out about the ship and the battles it and its men went through.

Thank you,
Cathy (McKeny) Jacobs

Click on any photo for a larger version.

Names that are knows for above photos are as follows:
From Left to right.
#1. Joe Bass, William L. McKeny and W. D. Castleberry.
#2. Not given, Not Given, William L. McKeny.
#3. Joe Burr, Tex Pintafabisky, George Bombolski, William L. McKeny & Ed Earl.
#4. William L. McKeny, not given.


Many Thanks to Earl & Catherine Jacobs for these photos of William L. McvKerny & friends

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