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Bob Smith
From: Bob & Kathy Smith
Date: Oct 1999
This was the day my Uncle died.


March 1, 1945, Thursday: Aircraft from fast carrier task force (VAdm. M. A. Mitscher) attack enemy ground installations, aircraft, and shipping in the Okinasa area, Ryukyu Islands.

Army troops supported by naval gunfiire and Army aircraft land on Lubang Island, P.I.

U.S. Naval vessels damaged, Iwo Jima area:-- Destroyer Terry (DD-513 and COLHOUN (DD-801) by coastal defense gun, 24d. 47'N., 141d. 21"E.
Attack transport BERRIEN (APA-62), by collision, 24d. 46'N., 141d. 19'E.

Japanese naval vessels sunk: Torpedo boat MANAZURU, by carrier-based aircraft, Ryukyu Islands area, 26d. 17'N., 127d. 35'E. Minelayer TSUBAME, by carrier-based aircraft, Formosa area, 24d. 23'N., 124d. 12"E.

The destroyer TERRY DD-513 was disposed of through the Security Assistance Program (SAP), transferred, cash sale, ex-US fleet hull foreign military sale casze number assigned. Status changed July 1, 1974.

On April 1, 1947 the USS TERRY DD-513 was struck from theregistry.
On July 1975 sold to Peru.

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Leonard Rudnick
Subject: Terry DD513
Date: Fri, 23 Jun 2000 21:47:46 -0400
From: Leonard Rudnick
To: bob ross
CC: Ed Mcintyre

6/21/2000 Hi Bob.

This a letter in response to request you made for information about members of the USS Terry.

My name is Leonard Rudnick. I enlisted in the navy September 10 1942 at Cleveland Ohio. Was sent to Camp Green Bay at Great Lakes Naval Base. After 6 weeks at boot camp I did about 2 months of armed guard around great lakes perimeter, shipped out in Jan. 43 to Boston Navy Yard in time for the commissioning of the USS TERRY DD513 and settled down for three years of sea duty.

I started out as seaman third class and worked on a 40 millimeter AA gun as a shellman. A shorttime later I was transferred to the forward fire room as a fireman and later became 2nd class Watertender. When Charles Grubb, was killed at Iwo Jima, I took over his duties as Oil King. I left the Terry in Jan. 46 after preparing the ship for shutdown and moth ball, I, was discharged at Toledo Ohio February 6, 1946.

The entire history of the Terry can be found in Janes fighting ships or www.org/danfs/destroy/dd513txt.htm. After discharge I went to electronic school, passed the first class federal exam. radio telephone license, worked as an engineer at a radio station in Zanesville Ohio. I moved to Akron Ohio about 1951 and went into televison & radio repair business at which I am still engaged in today. I married to Esther in 1948 and we have a daughter and 2 grand children. I have some pictures from the Terry and plan to send them to you. It was nice hearing from you and hope to keep in touch. I just got my computer about three months ago and still learning. Wishing you sucsess in your project.

Sincerely yours
Leonard Rudnick

Photos provided by Len Rudnick
Thanks to Edwin Williams for scanning the photos & sending to me.
If anyone knows names of anyone in photos, please email me. Bob
Please identify phot locaction and names by rows.
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Three ships, No names Group Photo No Names Partying, No names 3man on 5" gun.
2 men, No names. 3 men, No names 6 men, No names Casa Blanca club
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Will Lawrence
Subject: USS TERRY - Do You Remember?
Date: Sat, 30 Sep 2000 21:24:24 EDT
From: Will Lawrence
To: bobrsr@erols.com


After a long train ride from the Great Lakes Naval Station, I arrived in Boston during a brown out and one of their famous north easterners, fourteen inches of snow, fifty, mph. winds. I boarded the Terry on Jan. 28, 1943 at 12.30 A.M. The guard led me by flashlight, down the aft hatch, to the compartment below. He said Lawrence you have the top bunk, looking up I could see there wasn't much over a foot of space between the bunk and the top bulkhead. Never would make it up there today. On awakening the next morning, I went to the fantail, what a thrill it was for a kid from Kansas, to see his first sunrise over the ocean.

The trip back to Cask Bay and tying up to the destroyer tender Denebolin. I had the midnight Top deck watch, the temperature was a minus thirty-two degrees. About 12:15 I heard a loud thunderous noise that shook the area, first I thought a German sub might have slipped into the harbor but no, due to the extreme cold the main deck on the tender had cracked open from the bow to the first stack.

Leaving Casco Bay for Guantanimo Bay Cuba, arriving a week later with a bunch of us greenies, looking like boiled lobsters, we didn't realize how hot the sun can be in a cool ocean breeze.

The convoy we started with to England but we developed a leak in the after plates and had to go into dry dock at Casablanca. What a break for us, very good liberty time.

Boston and Skully Square where Knowles, Thorne, Gates and I, would take a table in the rear of a pub & wait for the fights to begin.

Passing the Statue of Liberty & liberty in New York City. Awoke one morning in Coney Island but didn't remember how I got there.

The time we went after a German sub, our planes had damaged; a boarding party was assembled forty fives and all, only one member could speak German, sound contact was made dept charges were dropped, debris was discovered, contact was lost.

When the anchor broke loose during a fierce Atlantic storm, the deck crew was commended for the fine job they did in retrieving it.

Operating in the Bermuda triangle with the baby aircraft carriers the Franklin, Independence, Richmond and Princeton. It was during this time a German sub fired a torpedo at us but missed.

Anchoring in the bay at San Juan Puerto Rica, only the officers had liberty. But they didn't know that some of the natives, in their little boats filled with bottles of rum were under the dark side of the fantail. A line with a little green attached gave us a good supply of P.R. rum. Time to depart 1.30 AM. only half of the anchor detail showed up I can still hear the boatswain slurring giving orders. You can imagine with a bunch of kids and lots of rum, what a mess we had. Special cleaning details were busy the next morning. Disciplinary action threatened nothing came of it.

We were often proud of the captain, as he told the tugboats, "Get the hell out of the way" then smoothly dock the ship. But one time we made a little kindling wood out of a pier, too much parting while on shore.

Our passage through the Panama Canal, the liberty at Balboa, oh what us kids learned there. Then arriving at Pearl Harbor and seeing what had happened there.

Crossing the equator August 22,1943, latitude 00000 and longitude 16809 W. The ceremonies as we gave tribute to King Neptune. I remember the sunburn I suffered on my scalp where they had crisscrossed my head with a hair clipper.

On anchoring at Suva Bay Fiji Islands, attended the USO show with Ray Boulgers and girls and if I remember correctly a lone Japanese bomber made a surprise raid on the island dropping its lone bomb on the coconut plantation there killing a cow. Next day Tokyo rose said the imperial forces had bombed the island and sank two ships.

On one of our nightly trips up the slot we encountered many enemy barges and a couple of destroyers sinking many of them. We were fired upon from the shore. Three dum dum bullets hit the Terry, one hit the after stack, another entered the sick bay and one imbedded itself in the middle depth charge drum making it act like a roman candle but it did not blow up. It had to be dumped over the side.

Christmas day 1944, when at the last moment we received turkey and all of it's trimmings for a grand feast. The captain took us through a sight seeing tour through the inlets of Russel Islands

Remember when someone stole the beach party beer from the locked locker room. It slowed down beach parties for awhile.

The crew member who made a perfect dive of ninety from the top of the mast, was it Doyle?

We all can recall the R.R. in Sidney Australia, the cool weather and great food, what a liberty town.

The bombardment of Guam and Sipan we wondered how anyone could live through such a terrific episode but they did. We received fire from shore but they fell short.

Being at Kwajlein island and told I had one hour before the ship left for other duties to pack and head for the states and school at San Diego. Gained about fifteen pounds as it took a freighter twenty-three days to reach the Calif. Coast. Living a life of luxury. I think this was about Aug. of 44.

Come on guys it been over fifty years, my brain is getting as soft as my body, but I think this is the way I remembered it. Do you have any memories send them in?

P.S. I also remember the lonely hours. Days, weeks and months when we thought the war would never end.

William F. (Larry) Lawrence
9002 Salem Dr. #1
Lenexa Ks. 66215

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Michael McClenning
Subject: Michael McClenning picture
Date: Sun, 9 Mar 2003 17:42:18 -0800
From: Michael J McClenning -mikebeckyp.j@juno.com
To: bobrsr@erols.com
Dear Mr. Ross,
My name is Michael McClenning. Ever since I was a small kid I remember my Dad having a tattoo on one of his forearms of the USS Terry DD513. His name was Oren G. McClenning. His rank was SN, and I think he was a Boats'n.

I tried to find something on the US Navy web site about the Terry but was unsuccessful, so I typed in USS Terry and it took me to your site. I was happy to find it.

My Dad's DOB was 27 Oct. 1927, his DOD was 12 July 1993.

He talked about being in the Marshall Islands and was in Tokyo Bay when the Japanese surrendered.

I am located in Portland, Or. I spent four years in the Navy, serving on the USS Midway CVA-41 and the USS Camden AOE 2. My Mom says she has pictures of Dad with some of his crew mates.

Attached is a photo of his death notice.

I hope someone knows something about him and I would be glad to hear from anyone who knew him.
Thanks, Michael

Oren McClenning Photo & Death notice

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