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Steven Mitchell

Thanks to Steven Mitchell, whose uncle Willard Wylie, served on the Anthony.


Subject: USS Anthony deck log extracts
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2001 22:24:24 -0500
From: "Steven W. Mitchell"
To: bobrsr@erols.com

I was doing some research on the service of my uncle, Willard Wylie, aboard the USS Anthony. I stumbled across your site, and seeing your request for deck log extracts thought you might like my notes from those logs.

Do you happen to remember my uncle? He was a cook.

Steven Mitchell

Notes from the 1944 Deck Log of the USS ANTHONY (DD515)

Lt. Commander C. J. van Arsdall, Jr, commanding attached to the Pacific Fleet

8/1/1944 - antisubmarine patrol off Guam as part of ComTaskGroup 53.2.1 . Underway refuling on 8/1, 8/6

8/8/1944 - departed ASW patrol to assume AAW position off Guam

8/9/1944 - antisubmarine patrol off Guam. Underway refuling on 8/10

8/10/1944 - departed ASW patrol of Guam to join ASW escorts of SS CLAREMONT VICTORY as part of TaskUnit 53.15.10. Escorts are ANTHONY (CDD 90), TERRY, WADSWORTH, HUDSON, BENNETT, and SELFRIDGE.

8/11/1944 - SELFRIDGE detached to TaskUnit 53.15.9

8/13/1944 - FULLAM (CTU 53.15.10 - Commander screen in COMDESRON 45) appears in list of escorts, TERRY detached from formation. Entered Eniwetok Harbor and moored at berth 337 port side to USS PATUXENT.

8/14/1944 - moved to berth 578, moored port side to USS WASDWORTH. Recorded large number of ships from PacFleet including USS ALABAMA, IOWA, TENNESSEE, HORNET, LANGLEY, LEXINGTON, and WASP. Moved to deep water anchorage. Later departed Eniwetok Atoll as ASW escort to SS CLAREMONT VICTORY as part of TaskUnit 57.5.4, consisting of DESDIV 90 (less USS BRAINE). Escorts are ANTHONY, WADSWORTH, and TERRY.

8/20/1944 - In radar contact of Oahu Island, SS CLAREMONT VICTORY departed convoy. After AAW drill, entered Pearl Harbor, Moored port side to USS CAVALIER in berth 3

8/21/1944 - entered Marine Railway Dry Dock No. 2.

8/22/1944 - WYLIE, Willard S2c, 971 03 29, V-6, USNR reported aboard for duty

8/24/1944 - departed dry dock, moored alongside USS ABBOTT in berth B-18, Pearl Harbor Navy Yard

8/27/1944 - USS ABBOTT got underway, ANTHONY moored directly to berth B-18 starboard side to. USS LEHARDY moored alongside to port, and USS UHLMAN to port of LEHARDY

8/29/1944 - moved to berth D-6, Middle Loch, Pearl Harbor. Moored starboard side to USS TERRY

9/1/1944 - departed Pearl Harbor, joined up with TaskUnit 33.8.2 with USS LUCK, ISHERWOOD, CARLES BADGER, TERRY and MacDONOUGH. at 1428 LUCE left formation. At 1458 ANTHONY and MacDONOUGH left formation. Screening LSTs of TaskGroup 33.6.2 as part of ASW screen.

9/3/1944 - attached to TaskUnit 33.8.1 for ASW patrol off western sector of Maui Island

9/7/1944 - returned to Pearl Harbor, moored to berth D-2, Middle Loch, starboard side to USS BRAINE, with USS TERRY to port.

9/8/1944 - USS BRAINE got underway. Moved to berth B-12, Pearl Harbor Navy Yard, moored starboard side to USS HALLIGAN.

9/15/1944 - departed Pearl Harbor, patrolled awaiting sortie of TaskGroup 33.1 Joined TaskUnit 33.12.1 with USS NATOMA BAY as formation guide. in company with TaskGroup 33.1 with USS LAMARR as fleet guide. 33.1 included carriers USS NATOMA BAY and MANILA BAY

9/25/1944 - arrived Eniwetok Atoll in the Marshall Islands. After refueling anchored in Central Anchorage berth 387.

9/26/1944 - moved to berth 570, moored starboard side to USS BLUE alongside USS MARKAB. WADSWORTH moored alongsid to port, with TERRY along side her to port.

9/30/1944 - moved to berth 545

10/3/1944 - after refueling, left Eniwetok Atoll as part of ASW screen for convoy as part of TaskUnit 33.13.4, consisting of USS TUSCANA, TERROR, VIBURAUM, ZEBRA, MASTIC, WINTERBERRY, and CORNELL, escorted by USS ANTHONY (OTC IN COMDESDIV 90) , WADSWORTH, TERRY, and SKYLARK.

10/9/1944 - Convoy arrived at Ulithi Harbor. USS ANTHONY refueled, and departed in company of USS WADSWORTH and TERRY.

10/13/1944 - Refueled at Eniwetok Atoll. Departed with USS WADSWORTH and TERRY.

10/18/1944 - Arrived Pearl Harbor, moored at berth D-1, Middle Loch with WADSWORTH moored alongside to port and TERRY alongside to starboard on opposite heading.

10/19/1944 - refueled, departed Pearl Harbor with USS TERRY, WADSWORTH and BAILEY.

10/25/1944 - arrived San Francisco. Moored berth 18, Mare Island Navy Yard, with USS BAILEY moored alongside to starboard. Offloaded all munitions, POL

10/25/1944 - ship's company moved to barracks ashore

11/8/1944 - moved to Dry Dock #4, Mare Island Navy Yard, with USS BAILEY drydocked alongside to starboard 11/14/1944 - WYLIE, Willard S2c, 971 03 29, V-6, USNR reported aboard from 20 days leave

11/17/1944 - USS ANTHONY and BAILEY departed dry dock. Moored at berth #18.

12/6/1944 - prepared to get underway. Loaded munitions. Steamed to degaussing range, then to sonar test range. Berthed at E-3 in Naval Anchorage,

12/7/1944 - moved to Berth #1, Hunters Point after degaussing calibration.

12/8/1944 - moored at Berth 11 of Naval Anchorage after RDF calibration

12/9/1944 - one day shakedown cruse. Moored portside to dock in berth B21, Mare Island.

12/11/1944 - one day post-repair speed shakedown run. Returned to pier 54, San Francisco Harbor

12/12/1944 - departed San Francisco in company with USS TERRY, WADSWORTH, and BAILEY.

12/13/1944 - Arrived San Diego, moored port side to USS WADSWORTH in berth 8.

12/14/1944 - Day cruise from San Diego for ASW exercises against USS S-34. Moored at bouy #47 in San Diego Harbor

12/15/1944 - Day cruise from San Diego for live fire exercise. Launched dud Mk XVIII torpedo. Mk XII radar down. Moored buoy #36 San Diego Harbor

12/16-17/1944 - Shore bombardment exercise off San Clemente Is.

12/18/1944 - arrived San Francisco. Moored to Pier 54, San Francisco Harbor

12/20/1944 - departed San Francisco, with USS WADSWORTH, screening convoy SP30T, consisting of SS WISCONSIN and SS PRESIDENT TYLER.

12/29/1944 - arrived Pearl Harbor, moored to bouy in berth D-3, Middle Loch. Refueld and reloaded.

12/31/1944 - departed Pearl harbor for shore bombardment exercise

Notes from the 1945 Deck Log of the USS ANTHONY (DD515)

1/1/1945 - continued shore bombardment exercise

1/2/1945 - returned to Pearl Harbor. Moored in nest of 6 ships at berth X-20, from port to starbord: USS YOSEMITE, HYMAN, WADSWORTH, VAN VALKENBERG, ANTHONY and FRASER

1/6/1945 - departed Pearl Harbor for training radar calebration and RCM exercise

1/7/1945 - shore bombardment exercises

1/8/1945 - continued shore bombardment exercise. Returned to Pearl Harbor, moored in nest of four ships in Berth D1, Middle Loch. Ships (port to starboard) USS HUDSON, FULLAM, BENNETT, and ANTHONY.

1/9/1945 - one day training cruise. Torpedo firing exercises (Mk XV). Returned to Pearl Harbor, moored in nest of four ships in Berth D1, Middle Loch. Ships (port to starboard) USS FULLAM, HUDSON, GUEST and ANTHONY.

1/11/1945 - WYLIE, Willard S2c, 971 03 29, USNR was transferred to Base Hospital #8 with bag, hammock, records, and transfer papers.

1/12/1945 - departed Pearl Harbor, joined up with Task Group 51.12, conducted AA gunnary exercies

1/13/1945 - part of Task Group 52.1.1 with BRADFORD, TERRY and WILEY. Conducted simulated shore bombardment exercises. Moved to screen of Task Group 53.1

1/16/1945 - patrolling west of Maui

1/17/1945 - shore bombardment exercies on Kahoolawe Island.

1/18/1945 - returned to Pearl Harbor, refuelled, moored at berth D-4, Middle Loch.

1/20/1945 - sailed from PearlHarbor for the day. Returned to Kahoolawe Island. Picked up UDT team, participated in UDT exercise providing covering fire. Returned to Pearl Harbor, moored at bearth D-3

1/23/1945 - sailed from Pearl Harbor for torpedo training exercise.

1/24/1945 - conducted ASW training exercise with submarine USS SEARAVEN

1/25/1945 - returned to Pearl Harbor, reloaded and refuelled.

1/27/1945 - departed Pearl Harbor as part of screen for Task Group 51.12

2/5/1945 - convoy arrived Eniwetok Atoll, Marshall Islands. Entered harbor, moored at berth 507, Central Anchorage.

2/7/1945 - Departed Eniwetok Atoll with Task Group 51.12 headed for Saipan

2/11/1945 - Arrived Saipan, departed for Guam.

2/12/1945 - arrived Guam, refuelled and moored berth 9 in Apra Harbor.

2/17/1945 - departed Guam with Task Group 51.1

2/27/1945 - Task Group arrived Iwo Jima. USS ANTHONY conducted patrols of island, fire support for Marines on island.

3/5/1945 - departed Iwo Jima screening Task Unit 51.29.9 headed for Guam

3/8/1945 - arrived Guam. Refuelled. Departed Guamwtih Task Unit 94.19.5

3/10/1945 - arrived Ulithi Atoll. Sorteed from Ulithi same day.

3/13/1945 - arrived Leyte Island, Phillipines. Moored at berth 459, San Pedro bay.

3/27/1945 - departed Leyte Gulf in escort of Task Group 51.13.1

4/1 - 19/1945 - provided naval gun fire and AAW defense in support of attack on Okinawa. Fought off enemy air attacks during battle.

4/20/1945 - departed Okinawa for Ulithi Atoll in escort of Convoy UV

4/23/1945 - arruved Ulithi Atoll

5/6/1945 - departed Ulithi Atoll in escort of Convoy EV for Okinawa

5/10/1945 - arrived Okinawa

5/11 - /1945 - provided naval gun fire and AAW defense in support of attack on Okinawa. Fought off enemy air attacks during battle. USS BRAINE hit by Kamikazi. USS ANTHONY helped recover survivors.

6/24/1945 - departed Okinawa in escort of Task Group31.29.19 for Leyte

6/27/1945 - arrived San Pedro Bay, Leyte. Anchored berth 34.

In July 1945 DE 745 USS Snyder is escort of CVE 69 USS KASAAN BAY

No mention in Deck Logs of USS Snyder of picking up survivors of anything from 7/1/1945 through 11/20/1945 when she transited the Panama Canal en route to Norfork, VA after end of WWII.

Steven W. Mitchell

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