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1st/502d Infantry, 101st Airborne
Vietnam 69/70

Note: If you can identify the unknown?? man, please email names to me.

Subject: Four Crewmen of USS Anthony on deck with plaque, Okinawa, 1945
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2001 21:33:51 -0000
From: "Michael Kelley"
To: bobrsr@erols.com
Shipmates of the USS Anthony,


The attached .jpg is a scan of a small, framed photo taken during WWII of four USS Anthony sailors displaying the ship's plaque. I found it at a flea market in Santa Cruz, CA, over the weekend and thought you might like to have a copy. It is my gift to you to do with as you please.

Back row Left:- Fred Ertler, Timothy Valanti.
Front row Left:- ??, Joe Brogna.
Thanks to Fred Federico for names

On the back are inscribed in cursive the words, "Okinawa 1945" and that is all.

The origianl photo is rather badly damaged and required a considerable amount of rehabilitation in Photoshop before it reached this stage, but it was my pleasure to do that for you and my hope you find some old shipmates in it and that it brings you some joy.

By way of introduction, my Father-in-Law, Joseph Myron Currey (of Sacramento), was aboard the USS West Virginia when it was sunk at Pearl, and then spent the rest of the war as a pointer in Turret Two of the USS San Francisco (CA-38). I believe the San Francisco was at Okinawa with the Anthony, and may share other battle Stars with her as well. Additionally, my brother served as a Navy Corpsman attached to the Marines in Vietnam, 66-67, and perhaps that all explains why I have a warm spot in my heart for most any sort of squid :-)

As for me, I was a rifleman and machine gunner with the 1st/502d Infantry, 101st Abn in Vietnam 69/70, so I appreciate your service, sacrifice and courage, and salute and thank you sincerely for all those things....
M-60 Mike Kelley
Sacramento, CA 95817

Mikes Web Site - www.vwam.com/vets/m60mike.htm

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