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NEWS LETTERS #29, 30, 31

Issue #31 - October 1, 2000

Bob Nelson said that the reunion is a sure thing. Enough people have indicated that they will be there. He's still hoping, though, that more people will plan to, attend.

Bob has made arrangements through the Reunion Planning Center, and they will send out registration forms in October to everyone who has indicated their intention to attend. If you haven't vet contacted Bob, saying that you plan on attending, please write, e-mail or call him at:
Bob Nelson
130 Lane Tree Drive
Lakeview, AR 72642-7131
Phone. 870-431-8518
e-mail: cen54860@centuryinter.net

The room rate is $65.60 per night, including tax, and is available five days before and after the reunion date. The activity package price is $269.00 per person.

All reservations are due to the Reunion Planning Center not later than January 17, 2001.

There are some very good shows planned; and if you're thinking that you don't like country music, Branson doesn't have much country music any more. It's located in the, Ozarks, and the scenery is beautiful. Let's make this one of the best reunions ever.

Clarence Landry and his wife, Shirley, have never attended a reunion but are planning on being there next year. He said that they have six children and one great-grandchild. His address is 75 Sandy Pines Road, E. Montpelier, VT 05651.

Jack and Betty Raymer were vacationing in Jackson Hole, WY this summer. Also, they have a new address in Virginia: Goodwin House West, 3440 S. Jefferson Street, Apt. 637, Falls Church, VA 22041. We'll see them in April.

Joe Sinscera's new address and phone number are: 322 W. Elizabeth Ave., Apt. 1G Linden, NJ 07036-7209; phone 908-862-5735.

Cliff Seale called me in September, asking for Bob Babylon's phone number. He told me that his wife, Anne, fell and broke her hip and was getting around with the aid of a cane. They are also planning to attend the reunion. Last month, I received an e?mail from Joseph Morenzi, 111. His dad had been aboard the Anthony, and he was wondering if anyone remembered his father and had any stories or pictures which they would share with him. His father died in February 1999, and he is trying to obtain whatever information there might be. His address is: Joseph Morenzi, 107 Beach Road, Bristol, RI 02809.

Ellie Houghton wrote that Ken is doing well and rides his foot bike for a half hour every day to keep his leg pretty strong. He is even reaching the point where he is not nervous with her driving.

Here are additional and corrected e?mail addresses to be added to your list:
Dave Audet: djapja@snowcrest.net
Joe Brogna: PBrogna@aol.com
Carmen Micciche: Micciche@mymailstation.com
Clarence Landry UserC721@GS.com
Joe Morenzi: DP1957@aol.com
Wallace Salisbury: walsal@altavista.com
Roy Tolbert: sfjfe@Juno.com

I have become involved with the publicity for the WWII lecture program at the local library. It was started about three years ago and has become very successful. Starting with last month, the speaker will give the lecture in the afternoon and evening. Attendance is by registration only, 100 people per lecture. Most times, it is a sellout. It is so popular that the Lions Club in the next community wants to start their own. The speaker in September had been a German paratrooper, fighting in Italy. He was captured and sent to a POW camp in Little Rock, AR. At war's end, he was discharged and went home. It took him seven years to get back here. He said that it was the numbers of our men and materiel which defeated them. At one point, his unit was reduced to nine men, Every bullet had to count. They couldn't strafe as we could. We have people of all ages attending, including a couple of women from England with their own stones to tell. Now, the coordinator wants to include anyone from that era defense workers, housewives having to deal with rationing etc. ? not just military personnel. It's rather exciting.

PLEASE, contact Bob Nelson to tell him that you are planning to attend the reunion. He very graciously offered to host this one so that there would be at least one more. He hasn't heard from some of you who regularly attend. WHERE ARE YOU??


Charlotte Goerlich

Issue #30 - August 6, 2000

The big news with this newsletter is the upcoming reunion in Branson, Missouri from April 17 - 20, 2001. Bob has made all of the arrangements through the Reunion Planning Center, and they will send out registration forms in October. The room rate is $65.60 per night, including tax, and is available five days before and after the reunion date. The activity package price is $269.00 per person. The enclosed activity schedule shows you all that is planned. As you can see, there is time allocated for optional activities. I have included a copy of that so that you can be thinking about what else you might want to do. However, all of that will be on the registration form which will be sent to you in October.

Here are additional e-mail addresses to be added to your list:
Dave Audet: djapa@snowcrest.net -- *No Good
Harold Learned: learned@shentel.net
Cliff Seal: cliff@marcseale.com
Roy Tolbert: sfjefe@juno.com (corrected per his mail to me)
Jesse Wood: Barber@aol.com -- *No Good
(* Got NonDelivery message - UNKNOWN - on these two. Will correct when I get correct address and notify everyone.)

Thinking along the lines of the Internet, Bob Ross has some interesting information about the DESRON45 ships. Check it out at: http://bobrsr.com. He has done a lot of work on it, and some of our people have sent him information.

New addresses for regular mail:
T. D. Daniels - 15300 Dearborn St, North Hills, CA 91343-2215
Jack Marsh - 311 N. 600 E, Orem, UT 84097-4842
Perry Tolbert - 6335 Bayou Road, Mobile, AL 36605

I'm always glad when you write to me, and I can put your doings in the newsletter.

William Upton wrote that his son and his family had visited him in June. Also, William is taking care of cattle again this summer.

Harold and Alina Learned were glad to get the list of e-mail addresses. They are vacationing in Minneapolis this summer.

Dave and Paula Audet have missed all of the reunions but hope to be able to attend the next one. They have been married 54 years, have 8 children, 24 grandchildren, and are anticipating their 4th great-grandchild.

Bob and Wanda Kaufman's entire family is planning a camping and fishing trip to Wisconsin this month. Wanda volunteered to be the cook.

Ken Carlson had a visit aboard the USS HORNET as a member of Military.com.

Over 500 people attended; and the party/ceremony went on well after 10 P.M., as that's when they left. He met Ambrose, the author, and was in the front row when be gave his speech.

I recently heard from children of two crew members, both of whom want to be on our mailing list. We now have four children of crew members on the list, plus five men from the Braine and Bob Ross from DESRON45.

From time to time someone will send me a poem they have either seen somewhere or have written and want to share with all of you. Bob Nelson sent me this poem some time ago I didn't have space to include it until now.


by Charles Hanson Towne

Around the corner I have a friend,
In this great city that has no end;
Yet days go by, and weeks rush on,
And before I know it a year is gone,
And I never see my old fiend's face.
He knows I like him just as well
As in the days when I rang his bell
And he rang mine.
We were younger then,
And now we are busy, tired men:
Tired with playing a foolish game,
Tired with trying to make a name.
"Tomorrow," I say, "I will call on Jim,
Just to show that I'm thinking of him."
But tomorrow comes - and tomorrow goes,
Around the corner! - yet miles away
Around the corner, a vanished friend.

Please. don't forget to send your survey sheet to Bob Nelson- If you should have any questions, you may call him at, 870-431-8518

Charlotte Goerlich

Cartoon not entered.

April 17th - 20th,
2001 Branson, Missouri

To better serve you and provide top quality seating as a group, the following OPTIONAL ACTIVITIES have been selected during your stay to compliment your group activities package. Showtimes and entertainers selected for optional activities do not interfere with group activities.

Wednesday, April 18

2:00 PM Lawrence Welk Show
A walk down memory lane with many of your Welk favorites.
Shuttle departs hotel at 7:15 p.m.
Cost including shuttle $31.00 per person
# of Tickets ____________

2:00 PM Mickey Gilley Show
A spectacular performer and showman!
Shuttle departs hotel at 7:15 p.m.
Cost including shuttle $24.00 per person
# of Tickets ____________

3:00 Bobby Vinton
Remember the oldies and swing with the Glenn Miller orchestra.
Shuttle departs hotel at 2:15 p.m.
Cost including shuttle $28.00 per person
# of Tickets ____________

2:00 PM Shopping in Old Downtown Branson
Old time stores and shops and the real 5 & 10 store is a must
Shuttle departs hotel at 2:00 p.m.
No cost
# of Tickets ____________
2:00 PM Shopping Tanger Mall
Outlet shopping at it's finest
Get name brands at the lowest price.
Shuttle departs hotel at 2:00 p.m.
No cost
# of Tickets ____________

Thursday, April 19

9:30 a.m. Lennon Brothers Show
40's music and swing and lots of comedy with all the pomp for the veterans Shuttle departs hotel at 8:45 a.m.
Cost including shuttle $26.50 per person
# of Tickets____________

9:30 am. Yakov Smirnoff Show
This funny Russian comedian puts on a totally U. S. patriotic show and keeps you laughing.
Shuttle departs hotel at 8:45 a.m.
Cost including shuttle S31.50 per person
# of Tickets____________

10:00 a.m. Hughes Brothers
A gifted family entertains all with their musical abilities and humor.
Shuttle departs hotel at 9:15 a.m.
Cost including shuttle $22.00 per person
# of Tickets_____________

2:00 PM Shopping in Old Downtown Branson
Old time stores and shops and the real 5 & 10 store is a must
Shuttle departs hotel at 2:00 p.m.
No cost
# of Tickets ____________

2:00 PM Shopping Tanger Mall
Outlet shopping at it's finest Get name brands at the lowest price.
Shuttle departs hotel at 2:00 p.m.
No cost
# of Tickets ____________

APRIL 17 - 20, 2001


The reunion committee needs as much preliminary information as possible in order to make the arrangements necessary for the next reunion. Whether you think that you will go, may possibly attend, or will be unable to attend, please complete this form and mail it as soon as possible to:

Bob Nelson
130 Lone Tree Drive
Lakeview, AR 72642-7131

He needs your help to plan a good reunion.

__________Yes, I will be going to Branson.

__________Yes, I might be going

__________No, I will not be going.

It is set up so that everyone can attend. Wheelchairs (if you use one) get the best seat at all of the shows, and everyone is helpful.

If you fly, we will have you picked up at the airport.

If you drive, you can park your car and take the shuttle.

Everything is included in the price. There are no hidden fees.

READ OVER OUR PLAN. If you want something else, we. will try to meet your needs.

PLEASE, give us something with which to work. It is YOUR REUNION.
Let's make it a good one. It could be our last.

Whatever your possible decision may be, please mail this to Bob Nelson ASAP.

Issue #29 - May 29, 2000

I'm sorry that this letter is so late getting out after the reunion. I'm having some computer problems. Basically, I don't know what I'm doing. Right now, my printer isn't working; and it spits out all of this foreign language at me which I don't understand AT ALL.

We had a wonderful time at the reunion. Bill Landry and his family were wonderful hosts. Our first night there, they took Sally Johnson, Martha McNichol and myself to dinner with them. I had a Texas spud with barbecued beef and never saw such a huge potato in my life.

The next day, Bill's daughter, Patricia, took the three of us sightseeing, including the state capitol building. Other members were arriving that day, but Bob Babylon and his sister were delayed in Dallas due to the bad weather. On Friday, we visited the USS KIDD museum, which was very memorable. The guide asked all of the women to board the ship, and the men were saluted by the chaplain as they boarded. There was a memorial service at which the names of all the known deceased crew members were read. That was fol1owed by Taps and a 5" gun salute.

After that, we took a self-guided tour of the Kidd. Someone remarked that the ship was the same as the Anthony with some changes - the hatches were smaller and the ladders were steeper.

Following the visit to the Kidd was a wreath laying ceremony at the Eternal Flame in the Louisiana War Memorial Plaza. The wall surrounding the plaza is inscribed with the names of all Louisianians lost in all wars except the War Between the States. There were so many of them that they would not fit in this area". Those men are honored by a special panel in the wall, which is surrounded by the names from all wars before and after that conflict.

The entertainment at the banquet on Friday evening was e~cellent. The violinist was a young woman who played a traditional Acadian (Cajun) dance; followed by a bit of"Zydeco" music, which is an outgrowth of the Cajun Two-step.

The business meeting was held on Saturday night; and Bob and Claire Nelson very graciously volunteered to host the next reunion, which will probably be held in Branson, MO. They are away right now, but Bob will get back to me with more information when they return. I will get the information out as soon after that as possible.

The following people attended:
Bob Alessi
Bob Babylon and Hazel Reichel
Lou and Phyllis Brown
Dave and A vril Daily
Gary and Leona De Vries
Bill Entenmann and Ruth Binsky
Charlotte Goerlich
Sally Johnson
Bob and Wanda Kaufman
Bob and Helen Kraft
Will and Jean-ne Krupa
Bill and Marie Landry
John Landry*
Harold and Alina Learned
Courtland and Ruth Marshall
Martha McNichol
Frank and Patricia Musso*
Bob and Claire Nelson
Mary Nowlin*
Cliff and Anne Seale
George Taivalkoski
Barney and Dolores Vilk
Bill Wenger
Harry Williams
*Bill Landry's children.
We hope to see more of you next year.

There have been a few changes of address. The new ones are:
Elizabeth Ames - Apt. 168, 10 Longwood Drive, Westwood, MA 02090

Robert Gamble -1231 NE Horizon Loop #210 Hillsboro, OR 97124 503-629- 7619

I have received letters from a lot of you men, and they certainly are appreciated. Ken and Pat Carlson, Clair Cooper, Carmen and Sue Micciche, Bill Phipps, Jack and Betty Raymer all expressed regrets at being unable to attend the reunion and thanks for the newsletter.

Elizabeth Arnes and Bob Wiedemer wrote, asking for a copy of the picture of the Anthony during the Battle of the Philippine Sea.

Gary DeVries (a new-comer) wrote to thank me for the information I sent him.

Will Krupa wrote that he and Jeanne were going to Maui and Oahu with two of their sons and hoped that they would be able to get to Baton Rouge, and they did.

Bill Wenger said that Marge was going to Europe and would be too tired when she returned to go to Baton Rouge, but he hoped to. He and his brother-in-law drove to the is having reunion.

Grace Williams problems with her right rotator cuff and is having difficulty trying to be a lefty when she isn't. She sends her best to all of us. Perhaps next year she'll join us. After all, we owe these reunions to Joe and Grace.

Bill Phipps said that his wife was having some health problems, and they would be unable to attend. He was glad to hear that Gary DeVries was going to be there. He hopes to attend another one.

A friend sent Courtland Marshall a website to check out. It is: www/plateau.net/usndd/classflet.html. I haven't tried it yet.

Ellie Houghton said that they have a computer, and her very patient neighbors are trying to teach her. Ken is doing fine. So you see, I've received some interesting mail.

There have also been some sad letters. Alice Hanus wrote that Harold died on January 22 of this year after being ill just a very short time. Her address is: Sandy Cove Road, Box 209, Washington, NH 03280.

Barbara Pearce wrote that her father, Percy C. Burnley, died last November after a long and arduous illness. She said that her dad held his fellow sailors in high regard. They all sacrificed so much for their country and with a nobility of strength and endurance that is indeed rare today. He loved his family and his farm and felt that he couldn't leave them to attend a reunion. Her mother's name and address are: Mrs. Eva Burnley, 9580 Stevens Road, Shreveport, LA 71106.

Elaine Cherro wrote that Prosper died on Monday, April 24th. They had attended several reunions, and we were always happy to see them. Elaine's address is: 2616 W.4th St.~ Duluth~ MN 55806.

Laura Martin callled me to say that Wallace passed away last December. He would have been 77 in Februry of this year. She wants to remain on the mailing list. Her address is; 543 Drayton Circle, Anderson SC 29621.

Avril Daily called to inform me that Dolores Vilk died on May 25th. After the reunion she and Barney visited their son in New Orleans, It was there that she had a massive stroke. Dolores was always a bright spot at the reunions and she will be missed. Barney's address is: 233 Michigan Avenue, Westvil1e, IL, 61883.

Bob Ross (not from the Anthony) has set un a web site for the nine DesRon45 ships. Bill Wenger, myself, and a few others have sent him some information. You might want to check it out. It is: http://bobrsr.com. I sent Bob all the e-mail addresses I had, so some of you are probably hearing from him now. His e-mail address is bobrsr@erols.com if you want to send him anything.

I am including a list of all the e-mail addresses I have. If you want yours added to the list, please send it to me. Have a good summer. I hope it isn't too hot and we don't have the drought we did last year.

When Bob Nelson sends me the information for next year's reunion I will forward it to you.

Charlotte Goerlich

MAY 23; 2000
George Andrys: LAGABB@.aolocom
Joe and Peggy Brogna: PBrogna@aol.com
Al and June Calarese: junecal@rcn.com
Ken and Pat Carlson: kingdogcharlie@cs.corn
Clair Cooper: CCooper392@aol.com
Gary DeVries: gdjn@netnitco.net
Fred Federico: affinaz@aol.com
Bob Gamble: DrGamble@aol.com
Charlotte Goerlich: cmgoerlich@aol.com
Ken and Ellie Houghton: EGullyhh@aol.com
Bob and Helen Kraft: Dutchbobl@aol.com
Bill Landry: landrywt@bellsouth.net
Ray Lemke: lemseadog@aol.com
Sandy Lemke: smac@yahoo.com
Carmen and Sue Micciche: smiccich@virtu.sar.usf.edu
Bob & Claire Nelson: CEN5486O@centurytel.net
Dick Nuber: rsnstull@aol.com
Bob Roulston: SunriseQ@webtv.net
Barney Vilk: bvilk@aol.com
Bill and Marge Wenger: wwenger@attglobal.net
Grace Williams: maggie@citnet.com
May 29, 2000

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