Issue #32 - February 13, 2001

I wanted to get a newsletter out long before this, but I've had a terrible time with allergies since about the end of October. A lot of things were put on hold, namely, my life.

I hope all of you have sent in your reunion registrations. It sounds like a really good time. I've been to Branson, and the shows are wonderful. If you haven't sent your registration off, PLEASE do so as soon as possible.

In a way, it's just as well that a letter didn't go out sooner; as I have something rather incredible to share with you.

A man named Alfred Jose contacted Bob Ross, who has been very active in getting DESRON45 information on the Internet. Al had seen the Anthony reunion information on the Internet and contacted Bob. He had been with the 13th Air Force, 307th Bomb Group, 424th Bomb Squadron as a flight engineer and top turret gunner on a B-24 Liberator. The Anthony rescued the men of their crew from the water after they bailed out of their severely damaged aircraft. They were based at Munda and were returning from a bombing raid on Truk. Your convoy was enroute to Emirau Island. They received a Presidential Unit Citation for the bombing ofTruk. The men of the Anthony have much of which to be proud. Al and his partner (Carol Pierce) and the co-pilot of the plane, Harvey Woodward, are hoping to attend the reunion. We'll be more than happy to welcome them. Their names and addresses are:
Alfred Jose
23861 Lakeview Court
Auburn, CA 95602
e-mail: josepierce@home.com

Harvey D. Woodward
7218 S. Xenia Circle
Englewood, CO 80112

Another incredible incident occurred since the once above. Bob Ross, who has been working very hard to get the DESRON45 history on the Internet, copied me on an item; and I noticed an e-mail address for someone on the Anthony which I didn't have. I wrote to him. He replied and gave me some history pertaining to the DD515 Detail, which renovated the Anthony before turning her over to the Germans. His name is Al Trudeau; and he very kindly gave me permission to use it in the newsletter. His address is:
Alfred J. Trudeau
28740 Milton
Warren, MI 48092-2367
e-mail: Avtrudeau@aol.com
The write-up is on a separate page.

Dan Nolan Ill, whose father Dan served on the Anthony and had attended some reunions, has a web page at http:/ /www .chatlink. corn/~dnolan/ . Scroll down to the section entitled USS Anthony DD-515 .Please sign his guest book. He is also looking for any items people could share with him. If you have anything, please write to him at 1228 E Crow Rd., Merlin, OR 97532.

I'm sorry to report that CapL Van Arsdall died in early October, right around the time that the last letter went out. If you care to write to Mrs. Van Arsdall, her name and address are: Mrs. Jean Van Arsdall, 20 Oakwood Drive, Gulfport, MS 39501.

Also, Al Mather died on Sept. 14, 2000. Anyone wishing to contact his wife, her name and address are: Mrs.Frances Mather, 20 Ash Drive, Gales Ferry, CT 06335.

There have been several changes and additions to the e-mail address list, so I'm just going to include a new list rather than try to give you all of the information in the letter. Please check what you already have against the new information, which, hopefully, is correct.

Thank you to all of you who responded to Tom Adartis' request that you e-mail his dad. Tom gave his parents a computer for Christmas and hoped that many of you would e-mail his father so that when the computer was set up on Christmas Day there would be mail awaiting him. What a great group!!

There's an address correction for George Andrys. The new one is:
5 5th St. NE,
East Grand Forks, MN 56721-2034.
If you remember, George was flooded out ofhis home about two years ago; and he moved to Grand Forks, ND. He is now back in his old home town.

In October, Joe Sinscera fell and broke his hip. I spoke with him in December. He had spent some time in a nursing home, but was home then and was coming along. He had to learn to walk allover again. His address is:
322 W. Elizabeth Avenue,
Linden, NJ 07036-7209.

Ellie Houghton said that she is busy playing games on the computer, so Ken is free to watch all the firefighter, police and war programs he wants. He's a real remote-a-holic.

Wallace Salisbury said that he hasn't attended any reunions lately due to poor health. His e-mail address is on the attached sheet.

Sue Micciche e-mailed me around the holidays. She said that Carmen is doing pretty well and had graduated from the wheelchair to crutches. They are hoping to be able to attend the reunion.

Charlotte Goerlich

This is the Email attachment:

Date: 2/13/01 1 :33:3 AM EST
From: Avtrudeau
To: Cmgoerlich
CC: bobrsr@erols.com

In a message dated 2/12/01 8:09:19 PM Eastem Standard lime, Cmgoerlich writes:
Dear AI,
Bob Ross forwarded to me something you had sent him. I don't have you on the mailing list nor my e-maillist.

My name is Charlotte Goerlich; and my husband, Bob, and I started the newsletter in 1990 after the reunion in San Francisco. I have continued with it since his death in 1992. A letter goes out about three times a year, and one will be going out about the end of this week.

Would you please send me your mailing address, rate, and dates you were on the Anthony? How did you find out about us? Bob Ross never told me he had one of our men on the e-maillist which I didn't have. I looked in the booklet, "The Mad Anthony", and didn't see your name there.

Thank you.
Charlotte Goerlich

Hi Charlotte:
Nice to hear from you.

To answer the questions in your e-mail quoted above:

My name is Alfred (AI) J. Trudeau. My home address is 28740 Milton, Warren MI 48092-2367. Obviously, you have my e-mail address.

I served in what was called the USS Anthony DD515 Detail at the Charleston SC Naval Shipyard from about mid-May 1957 to January 1958. We were a small crew of probably about 50-75 men assigned to assist the shipyard in taking Anthony out of mothballs, reoutfitting it, and getting it ready to hand over to the navy of the Federal Republic of Germany as their first major warship following WWII.

I and a few friends had joined the Naval Reserve after high school hoping that we could beat the draft. It didn't work-they got us anyway. The only advantage was that instead of having to serve our active military obligation in the army, we got to serve it in the Navy .

I was just an SN (seaman, deck ape as we were known) assigned to the deck force during the renovation - did a lot of watchstanding, chipping, wire brushing, painting,and other dirty jobs, as did everyone else assigned to the Anthony Detail. We did have some fun, though. Toward the end of the yard work, we would take the ship out for shakedown and sea trials. We would get underway about 5 or 6 in the moming and spend the day steaming up and down the Carolina coast really putting the ship through her paces to see how well she would hold up. We'd arrive back at the Navy Yard about 9 or 10 at night, tired but having had a good workout at sea. On the later runs, members of the German crew would come along with us to gain familiarity with operating the ship.

On or about 17 January 1958 we had a formal commissioning and change of command ceremony in which the German captain and crew took owr the ship from us and renamed it "Zerstreurer Einst" (or something like that) and designated it "Z1" instead of 0D515. The German captain presented to each of us crewmen a hatband with the ship's German name and designation on it as a souwnir and token of appreciation for our efforts in making the ship seaworthy again. Unfortunately, my hatband has disappeared somewhere in the course of the past 43 years. Of course, my association with the ship was nothing in comparison to that of those who served during the heroic days ofWWli, but in reading the history of the ship I still feel proud to haw had ewn that insignificant association with it.

I stumbled on the Anthony web page while surfing the web one night some months ago. I found references to various naval ships and, just out of curiosity, I punched in USS Anthony 00515 to see whether anything would come up, and sure enough, Bob Ross' website came up. But I noticed a discrepancy, an obvious typographical error, in the history and final disposition of Anthony as posted on Bob's website, so I e-mailed him to tell him about it. He e-mailed back asking whether I had any documentary proof of my assertion. I did a little digging, and I found the correct information in a reference in the Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships, which I forwarded to him. Bob checked it out, verified it, and published it on his website. See below for a copy the information as it now appears on his website. I copied and pasted it into this e-mail so you can see it. Bob then asked me whether I would like to receive further info on Anthony that he publishes from time-to-time. I said I certainly would, and so I haw been reading his updates ever since.

AI Trudeau, former SN,
USS Anthony DDS15 Detail,
Charleston SC Naval Shipyard 1957-58.

"She entered Nagasaki, Japan, 14 September and remained in Japanese waters until 17 Nowmber 1945. Anthony returned to Charleston, S. C., and was placed out of commission in reserve 17 April 1946. She remained in "mothballs" until 29 Apri11947 (NOTE: I believe this date should be 29 Apri1 1957, not 1947.- AI Trudeau) when she was transferred to Commandant, 6th Naval District for modernization and repair preparatory to transfer to Germany. On 17 January 1948 the transfer was effected and she was renamed Z-1. Anthony receiwd seven battle stars for her wartime exploits and the Navy Unit Commendation for her service at Okinawa (1-19 April and 19-24 June 1945).

Note- Possible conflict
In next to last para above, it lists January 17, 1948 as transfer date..

I received ernail from AI Trudeau, assigned to Repair/Refit crew for Anthony in 1957-1958. Advised me disposition info was incorrect. He sent info citing OANF Vol-1, Part A, Page 319.

CLICK HERE TO VISIT THIS SITE IS: Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships URL IS: http://www.history.navy.miVdownload/Volurne%201%20Part%20A/v1pta35.pdf. THIS brings up ACROBAT READER PDF FILE. If you want to read, it took me 15 minutes to download.

I am attaching info from last para from this document. Both are official Navy Versions. ??Which is correct?? This will give both versions. **********

Quote: Preservation work began shortly after her (Anthony) arrival in Charleston SC to ready the ship for inactivation. Anthony was placed out of commission, in reserve, on 17 April 1946. On 17 January 1958 the destroyer was loaned to the Federal Republic of Germany. She was returned to the United States custody and simultaneously struck from the Navy List on 15 Apri11972. The ship was then sold to West Germany on 27 June 1972 for cannibalization and scrapping. UnQuote.

FEBRUARY 1, 2001

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Feb 1, 2001

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