+15 USS ANTHONY DD515 NewsLetter #34


Issue #34 - July 14, 2001

It's that time again to think about the upcoming reunion. Enclosed are the pre-registration form and list of scheduled events. Bob Nelson has requested that even if you don't plan to attend that you complete the form and return it to him. He and the Reunion Planning Center need the time to get everything together. Another newsletter will go out in the Fall, together with the final registration form.

We have several children/grandchildren, of crew members on the mailing list now. If any of them would care to attend, they would be more than welcome. I have heard from others who attend reunions that the younger people are going with their parents.

Jim McCabe called me one night to tell me that he and Alice are hoping to attend next year. They have been married 50 years.

Gerritt DeVries wrote. He and Dolly have been married 53 years. They are both in good health and plan on attending next year's reunion. They run trips for a seniors' group, and their trip this year conflicted with the reunion.

Robert Saunders' new address is: 129 Cook Road, Donaldson, AR 71941.

There have been several deaths since the last newsletter. Sandy McMilleon, Ray Lemkes daughter, informed me that he passed away on May 22nd. I don't have her street address, but her e-mail, if anyone wishes to contact her is: smac90@yahoo.com.

Joan Schwebel, niece of Nathan Schwebel, informed me that he and his wife, Shirley, both died very recently. Shirley's brother was Jere Lustig.

Also, I received information that Boris Mazur passed away on June 3rd.

Barbara Lewis informed me that her husband, Ray Casey Lewis, died several years ago. Ray was a plank owner and was on the Anthony through Dec. 1943. A relative of hers, Tom McGranahan, has had cancer surgery. Tom's address is: 7351 Pinehurst Drive, Bokeelia, FL 33922.

Sam Gantt passed away on June 3, 2001. I don't have any other information about him.

Hope the next letter has happier news.


Charlotte Goerlich


MAY 21 TO 24,2002


The reunion committee needs as much preliminary information as possible in order to make the arrangements necessary for the next reunion. Whether you think that you will go, may possibly attend, or will be unable to attend, please complete this form and mail it as soon as possible to:
Bob Nelson
130 Lone Tree Drive
Lakeview, AR 72642-7131

He needs your help to plan a good reunion.

Yes, I will be going to Branson.

Yes, I might be going.

No, I will not be going.

It is set up so that everyone can attend. Wheelchairs (if you use one) get the best seat at all of the shows, and everyone is helpful.

If you fly, we will have you picked up at the airport.

If you drive, you can park your car and take the shuttle.

Everything is included in the price. There are no hidden fees-

READ OVER OUR PLAN. If you want something else, we will try to meet your needs.

PLEASE, give us something with which to work. It is YOUR REUNION. Let's make it a good one. It could be our last.

Whatever your possible decision may be, please mail this to Bob Nelson ASAP .

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