+15 USS ANTHONY DD515 NewsLetter #35


Issue #35 - October 9, 2001

This newsletter is later going out than I had originally planned It's been a very busy time, and now I'm getting ready for my sister's visit the end of this week

The Reunion Planning Center will be sending out the registration forms for the reunion and any other information they have regarding our activities.

Bob Nelson sent me a list of those who planned to attend the reunion, some possible and those who are unable. Fortunately, there are enough to plan the reunion. Several are friends, children, and grandchildren.

Some of those planning to attend are Ed Misajet, whose father was a water tender on the Anthony. David Audet, Jr. and family from LaVerne, CA, Norman Grigg from Onsted, MI who was with us last year and wants to come again, and Marvin, Denise and Evan Dunn of Corning, CA. We'll be very happy to have them with us.

Jack Marsh contacted Bob. saying the he is unable to attend the reunion. He is very ill and in the last stages of Parkinson's Disease. His address is: 311 North 600 East, Orem, UT 84097-4842.

There are some new addresses:
Joe and Peggy Brogna: 675 Masters
Circle. Brea. CA 92821. Phone No:
714-529-8646. E-mail:

Maurice DuPont: 26 Mammnoth Road.
Manchester. NY 03109-4300

Pete Boyd: 18 Wessex Lane, Oxford, PA
19363. Phone No.: 610-998-2722.

William Upton wrote that he had a lot of company this summer. His grandson graduated from high school and is attending the Univ. of Minnesota

Bob Babylon called to tell me that his friend. Tess. passed away on July 22nd. She had attended a few reunions with him. Bob will be 87 in November.

Corrine Ulmer wrote that Dick passed away suddenly on June 4. She said that he always planned to attend a reunion but never did. Her address is: 800 Martin Avenue, Bucyrus, OH 44820.

Barbara Lewis notified me that Tom McGranahan passed away on July 31. He and her husband had both served on the Anthony but at different times. She still wants to receive the newsletter.

Elise Deller e-mailed me, asking that I remove Clarence' s name from the mailing list. He is now in a facility for Alzheimer's patients.

Bill Wenger called. He is recovering from a heart attack and is still planning to attend the reunion.

Robert Jean (Gerald Nadeau's grandson) is a sergeant in the Anny. He e-mailed me that he will probably be in some sandy place far away and would like anyone who knew his grandfather to e-mail him at robertj1211@aol.com.

Elizabeth Ames wrote, telling me how much she enjoyed reading about the ANTHONY, even though she doesn't know most of the people. She asked me to include a paragraph about my non-Anthony life.
I have two children, four grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.
My son lives nearby, and my daughter and her family live west of Chicago.
I belong to two military women's groups and am the secretary of one of them. Thankfully, that ends this December.
I volunteer one afternoon a week at an after school program run by the "Y", helping children with their homework. If they have a math problem we're both up a creek.
On Friday mornings, I volunteer in the cardiovascular unit of the local hospital.
Yesterday, in the rain, I sat in a golf cart for the Red Cross at a goIf tournament, watching to see if anyone got a hole-in-one at hole 3. If so, they won a car for six months.
I help with the publicity for the very successful monthly WWII lecture at the local library.
Every January, I help count deer at a settlement camp. If the count reaches 40, a decision must be made as to what to do with them. So far, the count remains pretty static at 32 -33, plus some foxes.
I like to play pinochle and do that weekly and am also the family historian.

The enclosed picture was purchased at a flea market in Santa Cruz, California in July by a Mike Kelley. He was able to locate us on the internet and sent it to those who had e-mail. The original was sent to Bob Nelson, who forwarded it to be placed in the Anthony display at the USS Kidd museum.

(Note:The picture not in added here. See Anthony Website, Michael Kelly page where it was added. Anyone knowing names of men, send to Bob Ross, bobrsr@erols.com).

Sometime ago, Beebe Akers sent me the following poem which he had written.

The Anthony's range was far and wide.
The Japanese could never hide.
The engine room was always clean.
Lt Boyd was always keen to keep the
boilers full of steam.
Captain Van ArsdaIe would look around
And see the bogies all around.
No one knew what would transpire.
The 40 millimeter would come on line,
The 20 millimeters were close behind.
May 27th was a fateful day.
The Detroyer Braine was in the way
When the Kamikazes came to play.
The Japanese would bore right in.
They aJways thought that they could win.
The Braine was burning end to end.
No one knew how this would end.
The litle boys would fight the fires.
The Anthony would not retire.
With the wounded aboard and the Braine in tow,
The Anthony was on the go.
The Anthony's luck held to the end.
The valiant crew knew no amends.

Charlotte Goerlich

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