+15 USS ANTHONY DD515 NewsLetter #37


Issue #37 - July 1, 2002

We had a great time reunion. As always, it was good to see everyone again. There were several who had to cancel out at the last moment due to health problems.

Bob Babylon had back surgery in January and was unable to attend. Phyllis also had back surgery for pinched nerves, so she and Louis were also absent. She said that he is feeling good.
Barney Vilk was to have surgery. I haven't heard how he is.
Avril Daily became ill while they were in Florida, so she and Dave could not be with us.
Bill and Marge Wenger both had surgery, He thought that she would be able to return to work shortly. According to Bill, they probably won't be able to make another reunion. I certainly wish them all well and hope that they can be with us next year.
Bill Phipps wrote that they were unable to attend this year but hope to be with us next year.
Sam Ball wrote to Bob, saying that they are both fine and hope to be with us next year.

There were only 24 of us in attendance this year:
Beebe-and A1ice Akers
Bob Alessi
Dave and Paula Audet
Pat Ball and Mary Jean Bearden
Charles Dhuey and Laverne Bach
Charlotte Goerlich
Sally Johnson
Bob and Wanda Kaufman
Clarence and Shirley Landry
Courtland and Ruth Marshall
Martha McNichol
Bob and Claire Nelson
Dick and Rose Nuber
Melvin Patton and his wife.

While we were in Branson, the USS ISHERWOOD was also holding its reunion there. Bob-Nelson spoke with some of their men to inquire about our attending their reunion next year .They will hold it in Pigeon Forge, TN for a five day starting May 19th. We could go at tbe same time for a three day stay or five days.

The cost for three days would be about $389.00, including the room. There is a trolley there that goes all over, and we would not have to have bus service. We could share some of the things with the Isherwood if we got together with them. It might be more fun with a few more people. They had 35 at their reunion.

Please let Bob Nelson or myself know ASAP.

As with last year and this, the Reunion Planning center would make the arrangements for us.

Bob Nelson:
130 Lone Tree Drive,
Lakeview, AR 72642-7131.
Phone no.:.870-431-8518.
E-rnail: rmncn@cox-internet.com.

Charlotte Goerlich
Glenside, PA 19038.
Phone no.: 215-887-2153.
E-mail: Cmgoerlich@aol.com.

The next newsletter will contain information regarding the status of a reunion next year. I sincerely hope that a lot of you will be in favor of it.

Bob Babylon has moved.
His new address is: 617 N. W. Jacob Drive, Apt.313,
Lee's Summit, MO 64081
Phone no.816-554-6494

Beebe Akers has a new e-mail address:
aaakers@I owatel eco m. net .

Charles Dhuey just heard about our reunion in April-,- and he and Laverne attended. We were glad to have them.

I received a phone call from Conrad Jepsen. His father, Alfred, was on the Anthony and remembered Bob and Irv Johnson. He also asked about Leroy Weiss, MM1/C, but we never had any information about Leroy. Alfred's address is: P. 0. Box 14332 Boulder, UT 84716, Phone no.: 435-335-7416.

Don't forget to get your reunion reference to Bob Nelson very guickly. ! hope that you will be in favor of the suggestion to meet with the ISHERWOOD.

Bob handed out copies of the attached letter. It is self-explanatory.

Charlotte Goerlich:
633 Edgley Ave.,

812 Brushtown Road
Lower Gwynedd. PA 19002
Phone 215.540.0211
Fax 215.540.8087

Mr. B. Nelson
130 Lone Tree Drive
Lakeview, AR 72642-7131


Dear Mr. Nelson,
Here's a bit of nostalgia you might want to add to your ANTHONY Scrapbook:

As a pilot in VF-9 aboard the USS ESSEX (CV-9) on a routine exercise southeast of Hawaii, on 6/28/43 on my landing approach, the deck was not clear and I was waved off. Adding power climbing to port, my engine quit cold and I had barely enough time to hit my wheels-up lever before slamming into the crest of a wave. The force knocked me out and I sank with the Hellcat which floated for less than a minute. The water must have revived me as I was able to release my seatbelt and struggle to the surface, inflate my lifejacket and watch the ESSEX sail away.

Our plane guard was the ANTHONY and more than a welcome siqht as it edged in to pick me up, haul me aboard and sew up a few cut, give me a shot of booze, a sack and hospitality until we returned to Pearl.

Thanks again, ANTHONY, what a wonderful ship and crew! ! (Cmdr. Van Mater was skipper, I think)

Have a great reunion. My regards and thanks to all.

/s/ R. W. DeMott
Lcdr. Richard W, DeMott, USNR (Ret.)

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