Ship Log June 26 thru Aug 10, 1944

DDS15/Al6-3 USS Anthony(DDS15)
Serial 00 14 August 1944

Subject: Report on FORAGER Operation(cont'd)

John Campbell Simpson A-V(N),USNR, #145571 about four miles southwest of Charon - Kanoa.  Lieut(jg) Simpson was piloting a plane, F6F, which had passed over the ship at an altitude of about 1500 feet when plane suddenly nosed over and dove into the water at about 2000 yards off the starbord bow.  The pilot was seen to separate from the diving plane about 400 feet above the water.  The body was transferred to the USS ROCKY MOUNT on the morning of June 26, 1944.

June 27 to July 7
Joined Task Unit 52.17.8 consisting of USS WICHITA (OTC in ComCruDiv6) MINNEAPOLIS, SAN FRANCISCO, and NEW ORLEANS, escorted by FULLAM (CDS 45 Cmdr Screen) GUEST, BENNETT, HALFORD, HUDSON, WADSWORTH, ANTHONY and TERRY and operated as covering force.

July 7.
Proceeding towards Guam, Task Unit 52.17.8 dissolved, same units forming new task unit with designation 53.18.1.

July 8.
Arrived Guam.  Screened cruisers as they bombarded Guam. Carried out night harrassing fire commencing 2000 on various targets in area north of Grote Point.

July 9.
Completed night harassing fire having expended 174 rounds AA common, 12 rounds phosphorous, 3 rounds common and 50 rounds illuminating projectiles. Screened WICHITA and MINNEAPOLIS throughout day. Formed Task Group 53.18 when CarDiv 24 joined formation.

July 10, 11.
Screened heavy units off Guam, Island.

July 12.
Joined task Unit 53.18.2 composed of CarDiv 24 (OTC ComCarDiv 24 in CORREGIDOR) escorted by DesDiv 96 enroute to Eniwetok.

July 13, 14, 15.
Enroute to Eniwetok.

July 16.
Anchored in Eniwetok Atoll.

July 17.
Underway with Task Group 53.2 composed of TransDiv 4, 6, and 38 (OTC, CTG 53.2 in George Clymer) and CarDiv 24, escorted by Task Unit 53.2.1 (Commander Screen in FARENHOLT) enroute to Guam Island.

July 18, 19, 20, 21
Enroute to Guam Island. Arrived Guam Island July 21, covered landing by U.S. forces.

July 22 - 25
Patrolling in transport anti-submarine screen. About 1400 July 22, noted two native canoes standing out from Port Mariso carrying a white flag. Closed to investigate and picked up five natives, two of them Mess attendants third class, U.S. Navy and three Seamen second class, Guam Insular Guard. They had excaped from Japanese near Anas eight days earlier and aside from being tired and hungry, had only a few superficial scratches. They were given clothing, cleaned up and transferred to the USS GEORGE CLIMER. Carried out night retirement on nights of 22, 23 and 24th,
On night of 25th carried out bobmbardment on Rota Island in company with USS NEW MEXICO, WICHITA, MINNEAPOLIS, FARRAGUT, AYIMIN and PERRY.

July 26 - August 10
Patrolling in transport anti-submarine screen off Guam Island.

August 10
Underway with Task Group 53-15-10 composed of S.S. CLAREMONT VICTORY, USS FULLAM (OTC in CDS45), BENNETT, HUDSON, ANTHONY, WADSWORTH, TERRY and SELFRIDGE enroute Guam to Eniwetok.
B. This ship did not fire call-fires.
C. No comments.

Time Ave Cal. No.Rds.
From-To Target Range Firing Allowed Fired Proj. Fuse
2000-0515 Guam Night 10000 5"38DP 150AAC 174 AA Common Mk18,Mod2
7/8/44 harassing 50Ill 50 Illuminating Mk18,Mod2
7/9/44 fire on 12 W.P. Mk18,Mod3
various 3 Common Det.Mk20
north of
2000 0500 Guam(night) 9000 5"/38DP 150AAC 162 AAC Mk18,Mod2
7/11/44 harassing 50Ill 50 Ill Mk18,Mod2
7/12/44 fire on 40MM 104 40MM(HEI&HET)Mk27
south of

CC: ComTaskFforce 53
ComTaskFforce 56
ComTaskGroup 53.18
ComDesRon 45
ComDesDiv 90

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