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Crew Members, Relatives and Friends

Note: If you change your email address, notify me so I can correct so others can contact you.


"Bill/Shirley Boa - SF3"
"Don Bullock - Prepares/Mails Newsletter"
"Donna Burnett - Father: John Dodge "
"Mary Ray Compton - Husband Oliver D. Compton LT Deceased Dob 5/26/18 DoD 5-31-2000"
" Oliver D. Compton - LT"
" Nicholas Cotting - Grand-Father Jesus C. Barcinas picked up by Anthony at Guam "
"Warren Depew - MM3 "
"Fred DeWitt - CMM"
"John Dodge" jdodge@odyssey.net
"Richard Eaves - GrFather:- Jerry Eaves, PO3"
"Brian Evans - Father: Ancil Evans - Baker"
"Carrie Faye - GrandFather:- Emmanuel A (Lunny) Lundblad"
"Jim Friday - Reunion Contact"
"Tom Hinkle - Son-in-Law of: William (Bill) C. Steward - CCS"
"George Humphrey - FatherInLaw George P. Pollock - BM2 - DoB 4/9/25 DoD 12/?/81"
"Ruth Kilgore- Wife of: William (Bill) Kilgore, WT2 - Deceased Jan 4, 1973"
"Bob Kondelin - Father George Kondelin - EM1 - DoB 9/20/20 DoD 6/20/02"
" Fred Landers - Uncle C. (Bill) W Steward." - Fred.Landers@navy.mil
"Dick Lowe - QMC"
"Fred Marler, PlankOwner - Editor NewsLetter" fwmarler516@msn.com
" Martin L. Mauldwin Jr.- Father: Martin L. Mauldwin SR, SN, deceased"
" Wade Mauldwin Jr.- Brother: Martin L. Mauldwin SR, SN, deceased"
"Roy Newton - Son-in-Law of: Harry Eugene Newton"
" Robert Nuechterlien"
"Darcy Pajak - Father: Benny Pajal, MM1"
"Stephanie Perry - GrMother Marilyn Syx"
" Karen Pettinger- Father: William (Bill) Kilgore, WT2 - Deceased Jan 4, 1973"
"Robert Quinn - 1943-46 - GM3" drftwood@netpluscom.com
"Russell Roark - Son-in-Law of: Salvador Joseph Molay, Deceased 1988"
"Margaret Roark"
"Marilyn Syx - Sister of: Arthur B. Traylor, Coxswain, Deceased"
" Crystal Tanner - USAF -Father Harold C. Tanner, MM2c - DoB 10/16/25 DoD 4/2/99
"Jose Torres - Picked up off Guam by Wadsworth."
.............. Would like to hear from anyone who remembers
"Clay Traylor - Father is: Arthur B. Traylor, Coxswain, Deceased"
"Carl Votapka - MM3"
" Tim Turck - Son of: Harold C. Turck - Deceased- DoB 8/18/14 DoD 4/22/75"
" Carol Whitcombe - Daughter of: John Dodge"
" Cynthia Wilson - Daughter of: Harold C. Tanner- MM1c - Deceased DoB 10/16/1925 DoD 4/2/1999"

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