+15 Wadsworth DD516 Wadsworth Newsletter November 2001


Fred Marler - Editor
Don Bullock - Publishing & Mailing
Jim Friday - Business manager, Reunions

This issue has some good photos on Sep 11, 2001, Crewmembers and Clip-art.

Not included. See Reunion 2001 Info/Photos.


Like most of our reunions, Mobile was great. Doesn't seem to matter where we meet, we have a good time. Like always, it all started with registration on Tuesday. We all became anxious over Bender because he didn't show up. Seems he had a flat tire out on the freeway and had a hard time getting help.

Wednesday we took a tour through the historic district, which was pretty much the slums- -sounds better if you call it the historic district. Ended up at an ant-bellum house. (that's fancy lingo for old---real old). While the rest of the gang sat down to tea and crumpets, I stepped outside to have a cigarette and they locked me out. Don't care much for tea nayway. That night we went to Biloxi to gamble. Joyce Hidalgo seemed to be the big winner. She hit the slots for about 300 bucks. Oh, well I had a good buffet dinner anyway.

Thursday we went to 8attleship--Memorial Park for our reunion service on the USS ALABAMA. Jim Friday's grandson sang, Dick Lowe brought the invocation, Virginia Hatcher cast the wreath upon the waters and the bell ringer screwed up the otherwise perfect ceremony. Forgot you got to grab that damned lanyard right up next to the clapper. Buffet lunch was not all that bad.

Friday we went to the Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola. They had at least one of every airplane the Navy ever flew-- so damned many airplanes on exibit that you got air sick just looking at them. Lunch at the Mustin Beach Officer's Club was excellent. Those officers eat good!!! Friday night we went for a dinner cruise on the Cotton Blossom, a historic vessel (there's that word historic again, meaning old again.) Dinner wasn't bad and we had a nice cruise on the river, but the boat wasn't really a paddle-wheeler, that was just for show.

Saturday the gang went to Bellingrath Gardens, but I chickened out, cause I got Hay Fever. All those beautiful flowers would have driven me nuts. They had a box lunch aboard the Southern Belle and then went to Christmas Town-.-another reason I chickened out.

Saturday night we had the banquet. Jim Friday handed out a bunch of plaques and yours truly was one of the recipients. We had a key- board player and a trumpeter, saxophonist that played real good music. Good enough that it inspired George Hidalgo to get up and sing a few songs. After dinner, we got the Madis Gras shot. Mobile claims to have the oldest Madis Gras in the country, and according to them, New Orleans is just a Johnny-Come-Lately. Well, I won't get into the politics of all this. Keith and Dawn Davis were crowned king and queen of our little affair and then lorded it over us for the rest of the evening.

Sunday, we packed our bags and went home. Tough saying good-bye. Kinda wanted the affair to last forever, but it was nice when you finally got home. All in all, we had a helluva good time, and if you missed it, you missed a GOOD ONE.

Bama says Thanks
Dear Mr. Bullock
Please accept our sincere appreciation for your donation of $100 to the USS ALABAMA (BB-60) Battleship Foundation. These funds will be used to repair and maintain ALABAMA, the centerpiece of our Memorial Park to veterans of all wars.

This letter will serve as receipt from the Battle- ship Foundation, which may be used to support your tax-exempt contribution.

Thank you for your support of our efforts to maintain and preserve USS ALABAMA Memorial Park and all she represents to the millions of Alabamians and Americans who, over the years have sacrificed so much for our precious American freedom.

William N. Tunnell, Jr.

Crowley Checks In

Dear Donald:
Well, it has been a longtime since you have heard from me. I am still alive and working at KC airport four days a week. I can't sit home as I have to have something to do.

I have cancer of the Prostate and have had it for about two years. I wouldn't let them operate on me for cancer by removing my prostate nor would I let them remove my testacies nor would I take kemo therapy or radium treatments. I take a shot every few months to slow down the cancer. So far it has worked.

I am sorry to have missed the last three reunions and I probably won't be able to make this one. Medicare pays for some of the treatment but not enough. I don't have insurance for cancer treatments and the military doesn't treat me as I make too much with military pension and social security. You can tell my shipmates I am still around and my new address is 609 Mobile Lane,
St. Joseph, Mo 64506
Phone 816 232 7287.
I am sending fifty dollars to help out.
Charles M. Crowley

Hagermans Can't Make the Reunion
Dear Fred:
Thank you very much for the dope on Captain Fusselman. When Dupar died I mentioned sending flowers from the crew. In this case it is a bit late for flowers, but it would be nice if we sent a condolence letter from the crew. That would mean much more than something from me.

New subject--- The news letter gets better every issue. Please tell Bill Miskill that I did not know his brother, George Miskill.

Hope you have a great time in Mobile. Sorry we won't be there. We're looking forward to Bath. Thanks for saving my life.
George Hagerman

Livingston Appreciates Us
Hello Don: Received information on Mobile and told myself I must find time to sit down and send a Check to the Wadsworth Fund, so dinner is on hold until I get this done.

This has been a bad year for me as my mother, Ethridge D. Sands, Clarence Sand's widow, died on Feb. 10, 2001. In the end, I must be thankful for the lives of both my parents.

Mobile sounds wonderful. I hope I will be able to attend. It has been a wonderful experience meeting the WADSWORTH crew and their families. I think as time goes on the people of our country are realizing how great the people are who fought to save this country for us. The WADSWORTH crew was there at every call and it is interesting to hear the facts as they are remembered by the men who served.

God bless and take care;
Bernadette Livingston

Bullock Gets Medal
Dear Mr. Bullock:
This is connection with your request for the award of the Philippine Liberation Medal (PLM). The medal is awarded for services in the battles/campaigns for the liberation of the Philippines from October 17, 1944 to September 3, 1945 or for 30 days service in the Philippines or in its territorial waters during the period. Please find the enclosed medal.

We regret the unfortunate delay in sending the medal. These medals were not available for sometime due to procurement problems.

We wish you continued good health and prosperity. Do accept our deepest appreciation and gratitude for your services and participation in the Philippine Campaign during World War II.

Yours very truly:
For The Defense Attache
Cleo I. Erfe
Naval Attache/Vets Affairs Officer

1   1963    Rockton, IL       NA   NA     Wagon Wheel
2   1967    Rockton, IL       NA   NA     Wagon Wheel
3   1970    Ozark Lake, Mo    NA   NA     Four Seasons
4   1973    Houston, Tx       NA   NA     Marriott
5   1975    Las Vegas         NA   NA     Showboat
6   1977    Rockton, IL       NA   NA     Wagon Wheel
7   1979    Branson, Mo       NA   NA     Kirkwood Inn
8   1981    Gatlinburg, TN    NA   NA     Gllenstone
9   1983    Gatlinburg TN     NA   NA     Glenstone
10  1985    Williamsburg, Va  NA   NA     Geo. Washington
11  1987    Seattle, Wa       NA   NA     Edgewater Inn
12  1989    Nashville, Tn     NA   NA     Ramada
13  1991    Baton Rouge, La   75   159    Holiday Inn
14  1993    St. Louis, Mo     77   167    West Port
15  1995    Gatlinburg, Tn    42   94     River Terrace
16  1997    Washington, DC    30   57     Howard Johnson
17  1999    San Diego, Ca     30   70     Handlery
18  2001    Mobile, AL        33   76     Ramada

Raymond Fusselman
An obituary as carried by the San Francisco Chronicle.

Retired Navy Capt. Raymond D. Fusselman, a decorated World War II veteran, died Dec. 10 in San Francisco at age 90. He had suffered from emphysema and cancer. Capt. Fusselman, a native of West Farington, Ohio, graduated from the Naval Academy in 1933 and served on the destroyers Selfridge and Wadsworth in World War II. At Okinawa, the Wadsworth, under his command, survived 10 weeks of Japanese suicide plane attacks, said Leonore Fusselman, his wife of 64 years.

He was awarded the Navy Cross, and the Wadsworth received a Presidential Unit Citation.

Capt. Fusselman commanded a destroyer division in the Korean War. A specialist in communications and underseas warfare, he later served as head of research and development for naval underseas warfare at the Pentagon, headed the Office of Naval Research in San Fran- cisco and was chief of the U. S. Naval Mission in Caracas, Venezuela.

He retired from the Navy in 1963 and became a senior communications engineer at North American Aviation, working on the Apollo Project.

Capt. Fusselman is survived by his wife, Leonore, and a brother, Donald, of Warren, Ohio.

Roster Changes
Leonore Fusselman
2101 Pacific Ave. #605
San Francisco, Ca 94115

Charles M. Crowley
609 Mobile Lane
St. Joseph, Mo 64506
Telephone 816 232 7287


Charles Wilfang and his wife made their first reunion at Mobile. Hope they enjoyed themselves and will make attending a life style--
Art Vaunt intended to attend the reunion, had his hotel reservations and everything, but then at the last moment Art fell down and hurt his neck. Hope everything is okay now, Art, but you really ought to layoff that cheep booze!---
Dac Bramely sent a donation just before the reunion. Says he loves the newsletter. Hoped everyone had a good reunion. Said hello to Bowser and said "Thanks for saving his life" and adds that we did it in such a magnificent way, but sometimes a little noisy. We missed you and Virginia, Doc.---
Stanley Eleick wrote. He found out from John Dodge that we were having a reunion. Wanted the information on where and when the next one was to be held.-
Dick Bowser has been interviewed and filmed for a historical show on the Saint Louis Arch. Will air on the History Channel sometime in the future. Dick also celebrated his 80th birthday in September.--
Marilyn Syx wrote, seeking information on her brother, Arthur B. Traylor. She started on the Desron 45 page (Web site). Johnny Dodge contacted her and gave her Frank Fields name, who then refered her to me. Frank and his wife are both dead and they have left four children. Syx is very interested in obtaining a Cruise Book for the kids, so if anyone has one they can spare contact Marilyn V. Syx,
3850 Knollwood Drive,
Beavercreek, Ohio,
E-mail - msyx@worldnet,att,net
Fields sent her a couple of newsletters and she would like to receive them, so get on it Don!-
Bob Ross Visit his web site at: http://bobrsr.com
Note: The address in the Newsletter is wrong. This is the correct address.
Jeane Herman
wrote to thank us for posting Paul Herman's passing in the newsletter. Says Paul enjoyed the newsletters and the reunions that he attended. She sent a contribution in Paul's name and wished the best to his surviving shipmates.-
W. E. (Bill) Lewis sent a contribution and says he enjoys receiving the news-letter. Hoped to see us in Mobile, but he didn't make it. Too bad, Bill, you missed a good one.---
Bill Cook sent a contribution, along with a note complaining that his golf swing was getting rusty. Says he has too many things to do, shopping, traveling, etc.--
Alexander Delannoy called and we shot the bull about life aboard ship. He couldn't make it to the reunion because of his wife's health, but we all wish he had.--
Earl Kurtz wrote, seeking information on how to apply for the Presidential Unit Citation Medal. He enjoys the newsletter.--
Chester M. Goodyear, from Gulfport, MS, sent a contribution, but no note.
Wayne Hetzler celebrated his 80th birthday on Sept. 10. Some of us sent him cards and well wishes.--
Victor Herman, Paul Herman's brother, has established a web site for him at http://hometown,aol,com/veeherman/myhomepage/family.html.

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