+11-16-04 USS Wadsworth DD516 Newsletter Nov 2004

NEWSLETTER November 2004


Fred Marler - Editor
Don Bullock - Publishing & Mailing
Jim Friday - Business manager, Reunions

Daughter Seeks Info on DAD
My father, Harold Clinton Tanner, served in WWII on the USS WADSWORTH.

I am 26-years-old and my father adopted myself and 2 other children. I can remember growing up and hearing stories about the war.

It is very unusual for someone of my age to have heard those stories first hand, but because my father was much older when he adopted us, I had the privilege of hearing them. My father passed away in April of 1999. I think back now and remember those stories, and only wish that I could hear them again.

Kids today will never get to hear,first hand, about that war. My father was the most wonderful man I will ever know. I am very proud to have had him for my Dad. He was so proud of his country, he always few an American Flag in our yard. One day, while we were outside, my father pointed to the flag and said, "Do you see that? That is the prettiest sight you will ever see!" That has stuck in my mind all of my life.

My father also attended every ship reunion that he could. But, since he has passed, my mother has not attended. I would like some more information on his service on the USS WADSWORTH.

Any information that you could give me would be greatly appreciated.
Cynthia Wilson Dear Miss Wilson:

I remember your father coming to the reunions, but I don't remember him on board ship. We had your father's name added to the Navy Memorial List in Washington DC. You can find it at, www.lonesailor. org. We do put out a Newsletter about four times a year. If you would like, I'll put you on the mailing list. Also you and your family are welcome to attend the reunions. The next one will be in Charleston, SC. October 2005. Info will be in our newsletter.
Don Bullock

Sanderson Appreciates
Hi Fred:
Wanted to say how much I appreciate the newsletter and all of my shipmates. As far as I am concerned they all did their jog well, but someone always stands out. In my mind, the one man who did the most to keep me alive was George Hagerman. Before he came to CIC his stock was very low. I could hear him in gun control and it. seemed he was out of control. Everyone knew I had too much mouth and not enough brains, so I thought two crazies in CIC would be too much. To my surpnze, when Hagerman came to CIC I never heard him loose his temper except sometimes when he was explain!ng something to the O. D. and those few times were surely necessary. I soon realized he was brilliant and that we were fortunate to have him. In the past, I have thought about saying nice things about my shipmates only to wait until it was too late. Thanks to all of you, and especially to George, for saving my life.
Malcom Sanderson

Dear Don: My telephone area code has been changed. It now is 574-654-8370.

I'm enjoying the newsletters, also memories from Bath Maine. Us old salts will meet again in Charleston in 05. I hope,

I received the same surprise you got from Darcy. You got yours in the mail, he delivered mine. He's a great help around here.

We were going to the WW II memorial, but cancelled our tickets because "Doc Said" easy to get blood clots from sitting so long.

Also was in intensive care unit of 12 days in January. Got 6 pints of blood. Best of health to all. Thanks for saving my life. Ben

Dear Fred:
Thank you for sending me the newsletter. Johnny always waited for it to show up. I think he had saved most of them. He wanted to go to Maine very much, but of course he couldn't make it.

I am sending this little check as he would have wanted that.
Iva Johnson

Dear Fred and Don:
It was really nice to hear from you. I have been having a little trouble with my heart and my cancer, but I have had it for five years, so I just don't worry about it. I am having leg problems now, but I will get by it.

I will be at this next reunion, I hope, as I am really looking forward to it. My wife is too. I will be eighty two years old for the next reunion.

I am sending you a check to help out with the mailing expenses.

I just wanted to let you know we are planning on making the reunion. I am still in fair shape for eighty one, and I still like to fight.

Well, take care. Am looking forward to seeing everybody in October.
Yours truly;
Charles Crowley

Hi Don:
Chuck feels he would like to send money towards the Wadsworth fund. He has sure enjoyed the reunions and the newsletter. We're truly looking forward to seeing all of you in Charleston. Sounds so interesting already as we read the newsletter. Thanks for all you do, and also thanks to Fred for all he does. You're great fellows to share your time with us all.
Georgeanna & Chuck Wilfong

Hello Old .Buddy:
The last time we were able to attend are Aa reunion was in Oct. of '93. My wife was bed ridden from March of '94 until she passed away June 1, 2002. We had just 12 days short of fifty six years of marriage. If you remember, she was handicapped when we married, but it was the best marriage ever, at least that was the way I felt.

My intention is to be at the next reunion, if at all possible, and I hope to see you there.

Enclosed is a small check to help with expenses.
Charles R. Attkisson

Don't Get Around Much Anymore
Dear Don & Mary:
Am receiving the newsletter and it's nice to hear everyone is going well. Health is the big problem today. Can't hardly get around anymore. I hope we can make the next reunion.

Could you send me another photo of the ship, one with the real photo. I had mine framed and am donating it to the World War II Museum, which is opening right off Interstate 80.

Enclosed is a check for the DD 516 Fund.

Thank you, hope to see you in South Carolina.
Art & Norma Yount

The WADSWORTH Newsletter is a publication aimed at informing WADSWORTH shipmates, their families and survivors.
Fred W. Marler Editor Pease send all items and suggestions to Fred W. Marler 850 Front St. S. Issaquah, Washington 98027 Phone 1-425-392-0473 E-Mail fwmarler516@msn.com

Dear Don:
I am sending you a picture of the shipmate you wanted to know about. You gave me a picture of him at the Bath reunion.

I looked through the pictures I took aboard ship. Harry Newton and I took pictures of all our buddies aboard ship and the places we went. I've got lots of pictures taken in the Phillippines and at Wake Island. We had beer parties and we took pictures of everything. When I saw this picture, it occured to me that it is the same one you had. I know Fields and Bromely, but the other guys I didn't hang around with, so I don't know their names. Maybe you do.

I had the picture enlarged. In the picture you showed me, he is holding Snafu with the gun turrent in the background. The picture I have has the same gun in the background and the same guy is holding Snafu. His features are the same, but he is wearing a hat pulled down, but this is the same shipmate you wanted to know about. Hope this is what you wanted.
Yours truly
Stanley Eliuk

Colonel Louis Benjamin Bjostad, Jr., U. S. Army-Retired, died suddenly Aug. 27, 2004.

Lou was born May 11, 1926 in St. Paul, Minn. Upon graduation from Cambridge High School in 1994, he enlisted in the Navy, serving as a radioman, mainly in USS WADSWORTH. Following the war he enrolled at Gustavus Adolphus College, where he gained the attention of administrators for his penchant for dancing, drinking beer and smoking cigerettes. By mutual agreement he transfered to the University of Minnesota.

Lou was offered a commission in the U. S. Army Quartermaster Corps as a second Lieutenant and quickly accepted. Thirty years of active duty followed. Lou was the recipient of two Legions of Merit, three Meritorious Service Medals, four Army Commendation medals and a Joint Service Commendation medal. He retired to Tabb, Va. in March 1979. In 1997 he married Nancy Bull.

A Letter To His Sons

I am enclosing a copy of my August letter to my boys and I am just wondering if it may be of interest to our ship's crew.

I am doing fine myself, however my wife has had some medical problems, but we are working our way through them. I am sending my best to all the crew of the best ship to ever serve the Navy. Smooth sailing to all.
Bob Matheny A Pearl Harbor Survivor

Following: An Abridged Copy
Dear Boys:
I am enclosing an article from the paper that has caused me a great sense of loss. Col. Charles Sweeney dropped the atomic bomb on the city of Nagasaki on Aug. 9, 1945. It was this bomb that ended World War II.

In early September my ship was sent to Nagsaski to pick up 120 of our ex-POWs and I got to see just what an atomic bomb can do to a city, it was a wasteland.

Well boys, our country is at war once again, in defence of freedom and our way of life. And I have a feeling this is going to be a long war. We are facing a strange kind of enemy; he is everywhere, yet he is nowhere, for we do not know who he is or where he is until he strikes. This war is going to be a test of our will and we must stay the course.

We must not loose sight of the fact that our freedom is of no less value today than when our forefathers declared our country to be free. The dedication of the World War II Memorial has reminded us that freedom is not free.

We must not lose sight of the fact that God led us to victory in WWII and it will be God that leads us to victory in this war. When I was in the service, our little church held the names of all 33 boys that were fighting up to the Lord every Wedensday evening. All 33 returned home safely. I think God brought all 33 boys home so He could answer the prayer of that little church.

Well boys, have a nice day and May God bless each of you and our great country.


No new news about the reunion. The Motel did not suffer any damage from the hurricanes this past spring.

The reunion is scheduled for Oct. 11 - 16, 2005. We will be staying at the Town & Country Inn located on Hwy.17 in West Ashley.

The Motel is going through an extensive remodeling program. The outdoor pool has been completely rebuilt. The guestrooms are being remodeled in plenty of time for the reunion.

"Thanks For Saving My Life!"

Just to let you know the cost of the Newsletter:
.08 Per black and white page
.79 per color page
.37 for postage
With tax, it runs about $2.55 per letter
The July Newsletter we printed 145 copies:
Widows 32
Shipmates 98
Friday 5
Marler 5
5 Extra
Not counting postage, the cost of the July letter was: $315.22

Three more of our shipmates have been relieved of the watch.

Norman Keil BM 1/C - Died 1966
Mervine J. Myers WT3C - Died August 10, 2003
Louis R. Bjostad RM 3/C - Died August 27, 2004

It is our fervent prayer that these shipmates crossed over the bar on a flooding tide and have at last found a safe and peaceful anchorage.


Charles Crowley
509 Mobile Lane
St. Joseph, Mo 64506

Ben Payjak
telephone 574-654-8370

Malcom Sanderson
625 C. R. 4735
Cumby ,Texas 75433

Fred W. Marler


Mrs. Mary Myers sent a check along with the notice that her husband Melvine had passed away.
Darcey Payjak wrote to tell us that his oldest daughter, Emily, was married in October. Benny, who turned 82 in August, was in attendance, which certainly added more meaning to the wedding. Noted that we are only a year away from Charleston, and that a lot can happen between now and then, but Benny takes it one day at a time. He hopes to see us all at the reunion.
AI Bendersent a check and wanted to know I if the destroyer on display in Charleston was a Fletcher Class. He says he is living in the pool and playing golf.
George Hidalgo Was in the hospital in July. Joyce took him to the hospital with what she thought was bronchitis, but it turned out to be a silent heart attack. He was in ICU for 2 days, cardiac unit for 2 weeks and 9 days in rehab. He came home July 26, and was on a walker due to weakened muscles. Had to build from the ground up. He's still at it, but they hope to make it to Charleston.
Bernadette Livingston sent a check and her thanks to Don and Mary for the good work they do on the Newsletter. She enjoys reading about the WADSWORTH family.

Notice Anything Different?
I got a new computer and along with the old computer went my type fonts. Had to scramble around and get new ones. Finally bought a couple of discs, which gave me pretty much what I wanted but some of my favorites, like News Gothic were not available. I guess they were old fashioned. So insead of setting body text in News Gothis, 12 point, I now set it MS Reference, 11 point. Hope the change is not shocking!

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