+15 Wadsworth DD516 Wadsworth Newsletter March 2003



Fred Marler - Editor
Don Bullock - Publishing & Mailing
Jim Friday - Business manager, Reunions

Bayless Recalls Sub Action

Hi Don:
Enclosed is a check for the best bargain anywhere. (Well Tin Can Sailors is good too.) I can still recognize some of the names in our letter. I am enclosing $3 for postage if you still have one of those tapes.

I can still see the oil slick of that sub from the K guns and 300 pounders. I think we used 54 depth charges -- that's all we had. That infor- mation came from Ensign Roth at that time.

Keep up the good work.
Big John Bayless

Younts Hope to Make It To Bath

Dear Don and Mary:
Received your newsletter and it's nice to hear the reunion in Bath is progressing so well. We are still planning to make this one, although at our age one never knows. When I see the list of shipmates who have passed on in the last year or so, I feel very lucky to still be around.

I'm sitting here watching the snow fall. We have been having some of the worst weather this fall. The leaves are still on the trees but the snow sticks on the leaves and brings down leaves and branches. We're hoping for a nice calm Winter!

We hope to see you all at Bath next fall. We will keep our fingers crossed.
Best Wishes to you both:
Art and Norma Yount


My grandmother started walking five miles a day when she was 60. Now she is 97 years old and we don't know where the hell she is.

Leda Gull Seeks Wadsworth Hats

Dear Don:
I have been thinking of sending a donation to you for some time now, but haven't gotten around to it until now. So please accept this from me, I am Leda Gull, and my husband, Bill, and I have always enjoyed going to the reunions so much. We missed the last two as Bill was so sick.

I called Jim Friday and am trying to buy three of the hats with the Wadsworth logo on them. One for my son and my two grandsons. Something to remind them where their father and grandfather was during the war. I am so thankful you guys were saving his life so we could have a wonderful 62 years of marriage before he passed away.
Love to all of you:
Leda Gull


Editor's Note: Our ship's stores are out of hats, which means Leda will have to wait until the reunion in September. If anyone has a hat they can spare, please send it to
Leda Gull,
714 S. 28th Sf.
Milwaukee, Wi. 53215

Miskill" Missed Mobile
But he'll make it to Bath If to f,alk

Hi Don:
Sorry I missed the Mobile reunion. I was back in the hospital in July and went through 2 months rehab. I'm okay now back on the golf course. I spent some time in Bath a few years ago and it is an excellent reunion place. Had a mini-tour of the iron works so I hope it can be arranged for a tour for our reunion. I plan on attending as I have relatives in Maine and New Hampshire. Enclosing a check for the Wadsworth fund, cause I sure enjoy that newsletter.
Bill Miskill

Werner has Newton's Address

Hello Don:
Thanks for the telephone call--newsletter received-- a little ragged, but readable. Don't know about the postal service.

Has gotten cool up north, along with much needed rain. Has been a dry season. Leaves are beautiful even if we didn't have much rain.

Talked to son earlier today- he said Port Orange was really hot. We are trying to get things in order here so as to head south in a couple of weeks.

I noticed you do not have Harry E. Newton's latest address. At least this was his address as of last Christmas.
Harry E. Newton
2275 Aaron Street- Apt. A-208
Port Charlotte, FI. 33952-5223
Phone 19416244096.
His wife Rita passed away in December 2000.

Enclosed is a check for the Wadsworth fund.

Hopefully we will be able to attend the reunion in Maine. At least we are planning on attending. Both are doing fair, with aches and pains in these old bodies here and there!

We do see Dick Bowser and Tony and Jeane Kerce while in Florida.

Take care and hope to see you in Maine.
Carl and Virginia Werner

Tito Checks In

Hi Don:
Hope everything is well with you and Mary. Angie and I are okay so far. Nothing much to report.

Enclosed is a check which you may use at your discretion. Hope to see you both in Maine. Take care. "Thanks for savi ng my I ife."

Your buddy and skipmate:


The closest I ever got to 4.0 in school was my blood alcohol content.
Growing old is mandatory: growing up is optional.

Kelly Lowe Finds Eversole Story

Dear Mary and Don:
We have lived into a new year and it must be time to pay the piper. Enclosed find a check and an article from a local newspaper that I read on the computer. Shipmate Lyle Eversole has not been to a reunion for a few years, but he must be busy doing good.

Jean and I are doing good for our age. We enjoyed kids, grandkids and great grandkids at Christmas.

Hope this finds everything good with you.
Jean and Kelly Lowe

Editor's Note:
The story that Kelly found follows.

ASSUMPTION-- The list of strangers in Lyle Eversole's debt would fill many heavenly choirs.

Eversole and his wife, Mary Ann, live in Assumption and are coordinators for an organization called the John Morrison Memorial Appalachia Group. Started in 1975 by the late John Morrison of Moweaqua and his wife, Mary, it's a caravan of volunteers who truck all kinds of gifts-- from clothes to toys to food and blankets-- to some of America's poorest people.

It began with trips to Appalachia but, over the years, has branched out to include mercy convoys that visit other destinations in Kentucky, southern Arkansas and even Arizona. Lyle Eversole and his fellow helpers see what they are doing as an assist to the needy, and they're not in it to unwrap gifts of praise for themselves.

"We don't want to exploit the poor people we help, we have a lot of respect for them," says Eversole. He doesn't want to name the towns he visits because he doesn't want to make anyone feel ashamed. "These people have a lot of pride."

Eversole was speaking as trucks were being loaded at his farm for a recent December trip to Arkansas. The gifts will be left with trusted people in the communities where they are delivered. "They know all the needy people who are not going to have a Christmas, " says Eversole who is 75 years old.

Editor Honored By Frank Hanes Imprint

Dear Friends of Frank Hanes:
The enclosed booklet by Frank Borden Hanes, Sr., Glimmers in the Gloaming, is special for several reasons.

First and foremost, it contains the wit and wisdom of a great North Carolinian, much of it in previously unpublished poetry. The occasion of its oral delivery was Frank's acceptance of the North Caroliniana Society Award for 2002 in the presence of family and friends.

Second, it contains loving tributes by the son and two daughters of Frank and Barbara Hanes - intimate vignettes of their father that might have been lost if not published now.

Third, it contains an accounting, at least in part, of the enormous influence that Frank Hanes and his family have had on the university of North Carolina at Chapel Hill-- a legacy for the benefit of future generations.

Fourth, the booklet, like all North Caroliniana Society Imprints, has been issued in a numbered edition of 500 copies, each signed by the author. Treasure your copy.

The publication of the North Caroliniana Society Imprints is just one of the ways through which the Society preserves North Carolina's literature, culture, and history. We are a prIvate, nonprofit organization depending upon support from those who share our devotion to North Carolina's heritage.

Frank wanted you to have this complimentary copy of his Glimmers in the Gloaming. I hope you enjoy reading his delightful address and the revealing tributes paid him by his children and associates.
Willis P. Whichard
North Caroliniana Society


Editor's Note: This booklet gives one deep insights into the character and life of a beloved Shipmate and I am honored to have been a recipient. Way to go Mr. Hanes!

Roster Changes

Fred Rasmussen
Apt. 17
1313 N. Hackberry St.
Wahoo, Ne. 68066

Carl Votapka
200 North El Camino Real
Oceanside, Ca 92054
Telephone..760 433-4921

Ernest Zander
193 N.Brooke St.
Alpena, Mich. 49707
Telephone 989 356 0994

Regular naps prevent old age-- especially if you take them while driving.


George J. Kondelin, EM1 - July 20, 2002
John J. Klarkowski, GM3 - February 2002
Melvin B. Brothers, SSML2 - April 7, 2002
Charles Flint, S1c - February 12, 2003

It is our ferbent prayer that these shipmates crossed over the bar on a flooding tide and have at last found a safe and peaceful anchorage.


by Jim Friday

I have signed an agreement to block out the rooms for our reunion in Bath, Maine.
The datesfor the reunion are Sept. 16.21, 2003.
The rates for the rooms are $109 per night for 1.4 persons per room.
The room tax is 7%.
These are good rates for this part of the country.

We have not finalized any of the tours yet. Fuel prices and the terrorist alert could have a bearing on where we go and what we do. There is always much history in Bath to see.

We will have the opportunity to visit the Maine Maritime Museum, eat live lobsters at Popham Beach while we watch the seals come i n to see what is going on. There is always outlet shopping in Freeport where L.L. Bean is open 24 hours.

There is car rental and limousine service in Portland.

In the next Newsletter, we will outline all of the prices and instructions for getting to the reunion.

"Thanks for saving my life"

Granddaughter Seeks info on "Lunny"

Dear Mr. Bullock:
It was recommended I contact you by Steve Herman. I am researching my grandfather's experience aboard the USS WADSWORTH and the USS LOWRY during WWII. My grandfather has Alzheimer's and I am trying to obtain infor.mation that he is unable to remember.

There are some specific questions I have regarding each ship and the events that happened while my grandfather was onboard. Also, I am trying to get as much data as possible regarding dates that he transfered from ship to ship, and anything I can find regarding h!s injuries for which he received a Purple Heart. It has been difficult to link his stories to the correct ship.

If you think you might be able to assist me, or if you can head me in the right direction I would really appreciate it. Also Mr. Herman said you may be able to post a message to locate shipmates from both ships. My grandfather's name is Emmanuel Axel Lunblad, and he was Called "Lunny." He was onboard WADSWORTH from 3-16-43 until 2-7-44. I be!ieve he was onboard LOWRY from 7-23-44 unti! October or November of 1945.
Thank you very much
Carrie Faye

Editors Note; Our records show that Lunblad was aboard WADSWORTH from 3-16-43 until 2-7-44, so she has the dates right. He would have seen action during the Bouganville invasion and the Rabal raid. Don't recall if he was one of the wounded at Bouganville-- might have been. If anyone can help this girl out, contact her atcarriefaye@frii.com Please send a carbon copy to Bob Ross at bobrsr@erols.com.


Ernie Zander sent a contribution and a new address. He says that he is sorry to have missed the past few reunions, but he doesn't travel well these days. He says hello to Bill Boa and that he enjoys getting the newsletter.

Carl Votapka also sent in a new address. He says he has to go to Lajolla quite often and he occasionally stops in to see Wayne Hetzler. Says Hetz's age is catching up with him. (Hell, that's the case with all of us.) Carl says he hopes to see us all in Bath.

Rachel R. Lee sent a contribution and says keep the newsletters coming. She really enjoys reading about everyone.

George Hidalgo spent Halloween in the hospital and he's been back several times since then. Had a slow heart beat. Even the pretty nurses running in and out of the room didn't speed things up. They finally put a pace-maker in and now all the tele-phones in the neighborhood squeal when he drives by.

John O'Hagan has been hopping around his house trying to stay out of the way of the pile-drivers. He says the inside of the house is almost finished, but the outside will have to wait for dry weather. He hopes to see us in Bath, when the work's all done this fall.

Doc Bromely says he loves that WADSWORTH paper. Says he hopes we are all well, but he didn't say anything about Bath. We sure would like to see you and Virginia, Doc.

Andy Delanoy says hello to everyone. Would love to make it to Bath, but the wife's health won't permit it.

Johnny Johnson sent a contribution. Says he is sorry to have missed Mobile and it looks as if he will miss Bath also. He enjoys receiving the newsletter. We sure would like to see you and Iva, Johnny, so make it if you. can.

AI Bender is looking forward to seeing us in Bath, but already he's fussin' about no direct flight into Bath. Talked to him on the phone a few weeks ago and he says he is thinking about skipping Bath. Wants to go traveling instead. Better rethink that one AI; you can travel anytime, but you can see your shipmates only once. every two years.

Ben and Betty Pearce spent a quiet year in 2002, and that's something new and different. They hope to see us all in Bath.

Bill and Shirley Boa say they will see us all in Maine.

Tito Aguinaga says he'll see us in Maine too. Boy! That guy writes a beautiful hand!!

Wayne and Enola Hetzler sure miss the reunions and Enola says that Hetz would really like to go to Bath. We'd love to see you Wayne, so pack up and come on down.

Helen Merideth is busy with kids, grandkids and great grandkids. She wonders about word from O'Hagan.

Vic and Lucille Paradis spent Christmas at home, then took off for the Rio Grand Valley in Texas, where they spent Jan., Feb. and March. They are looking forward to the reunion and I suppose Vic will tell us a bunch of BS about the great golf shots he made.

Fred Rasmussen really appreciates the work that goes into the newsletter. He hopes that we have a 4.0 year because we have earned it.

Ross Benham sent a contribution but no message. Let us know how things are with you, Ross.

Carl and Virgina Werner celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary, but they had to put their trip south on hold because of illness in the family. They spent Christmas up north and missed out on a Caribiean cruise. They are sorry to have missed the last two reunions, but hope to make it to Bath. We hope you get that Caribiean cruise too!!

Boy is my face red! I feel like I stepped in a big pile of dog do-do. I sent a Christmas card to John and Mary Ellen Klarkowski and got a return card from Mary Ellen with a note telling me that Ski had passed away. She kept looking for the notice in the newsletter and couldn't understand why it never appeared. She asked that word be passed, and of course it has been. (See In Memory.) Besides the diabetes Ski had other health problems, but he cherished the time spent at all the reunions and especially the
"Thanks for saving my life."

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