3-07 USS Wadsworth DD516 Newsletter March 2004



Fred Marler - Editor
Don Bullock - Publishing & Mailing
Jim Friday - Business manager, Reunions

Carrie Faye says Thanks
Received the WADSWORTH newsletter the other day and wanted to drop a line. Thank you so much for your hard work to keep us all tied together. I was disappointed about not being able to make it to the reunion. My grandfather's Altzheimer's has progressed enough that it would not have been in his best interest to upset his daily routines. He is well though, and continues to share his memories of the WADSWORTH with us. I recently met with the Veterans Service Center in my area and was able to order all of his medals and Purple Heart. I am anxious to get them as my boyfriend (Matt) got a shadow box to put everything in. Matt was in Desert Storm and has a deep desire to honor my grandfather. I hope you are well. Thank you for saving Lunny's life, you gave me mine.
Hugs to all Carrie Faye

Victor Sends Picture
Hi Fred:
Enclosed are some pictures taken at the reunion in Bath, Maine. I heard you wanted some, so here they are. We had a good and safe trip back to Minnesota and are making plans to go south to Texas for the winter. We are both feeling just fine and ask for nothing more.
As Ever;

Cooks regret missing reunion
Sorry we didn't make the Bath reunion, but I am sure everyone had a great time! We were in Bath several times when our daughter lived in Maine. In fact, Bill took a WADSWORTH book to the museum. I hope it is still on display! We are still going to Destin, FI. this winter (Nov. til Apr) but any mail can be sent to our Ohio address as first class is forwarded. Bill's having memory problems but otherwise is okay. We enjoyed the latest newsletter. Check enclosed is for print and mailing costs.
Marilynn Cook

Hagermans Enjoyed Reunion
Dear Don:
First of ail want to tell you how much Ruth and I enjoyed the reunion. We think everyone had a great time. I am enclosing a check for $200. I hope I have the right name on the check.
If not return it and I will send another. If you have a list of the WADSWORTH crewmembers' addresses will you please send me a copy. Again, thanks for a great reunion. Thanks for saving my life.
George Hagerman

Time may be a great healer, but it's a lousy beautician.

Harvey Bloom Eyes Charleston
Hi Don:
Received the posters and newsletter. Had a great time in Bath and am looking forward to Charleston in 2005.
We are both in good health, just a few more aches and pains.
I am sending $157.75 for posters and expenses.
Thanks for saving my life.

Historian Seeks Cruise Book
Dear Editor Marler:
I deeply appreciate your helpfulness. As I briefly mentioned during our phone conversation, I am writing a history book about a flotilla of US Navy amphibious rocket-firing ships called LSM(R)s, some of which served alongside your ship on the Radar Picket Stations at Okinawa in 1945. My father was a Radarman then and his ship was the USS LSM(R) 192, hence my personal and historical interests. I believe my history book would be and greatly enhanced if I could purchase a copy of the history book about USS WADSWORTH DD 516 by Messrs. George Hagerman and Roy Fisher.
Thank you so much for any help you and others might provide.
Ron MacKay, Jr.

Editor's Note: Roy, I don't hold forth much hope for this request, these books are becoming very hard to come by. However, if anybody can help this fellow out, his address is :
Ron MacKay, Jr.
14614 274th Ave. E.
Buckley, Wa 98321
phone (360) 829-0360

Dick Lowe Enjoyed Reunion Dear Mary and Don:
Enjoyed the reunion very much, was glad to get the pictures and letter in the tube. We will show them to Bud and Sheila, as they enjoyed this get together too.
Thanks for saving my life!
Jean and Dick Lowe

It's getting close to that time when the events that occurred in those days of the 1940's come flooding back on that personal video screen in my mind. And as ever I need to say "Thanks for saving my life" to my shipmates on the WADSWORTH and the U S GRANT. Without their devotion to this great nation our lives would have been much different. Irish

I started out with nothing, and I still have most of it. If all is not lost, where is it?

Richmond, Va--Richard B. Bowser, inventor of the curving elevator system that carries visitors to the top of the St. Louis Gateway Arch, has died. He was 82.
Bowser, who died Dec. 26, invented the Bowser Parking System, which had elevators that traveled vertically, horizontally, and diagonally in parking garages. The system, his first major invention, was used in 35 garages throughout the country, the first in Des Moines, Iowa in 1953.

Roster Changes
William A. Cook
100 Seascape Dr.
Unit 8-E
Destin, FI. 32550

Fred Rasmussen
113 4th NE
Mitchellville, la. 50169

Framl James HONORED
Governor Michael F. Easley, of North Carolina, presided over an Awards Reception and Dinner honoring the recipient~ of the 2003 North Carolina Awards for Public Service, Literature, Science and Fine Arts. Among the recipients was Frank Borden Hanes. These awards have been given annually since 1964 to citizens who have distinguished themselves. It is the highest honor the State of North Carolina can bestow. Way to go, Mr. Hanes!

1/1/03 Through 12/24/03

Uncategorized------ O.O0
DONATION -------- 545.00
Picture Income: 1,299.50

TOTAL INFLOWS --- 1,844.50

News Letter ----- 1.044.00
Picture Expense --- 440.84
Reunion Expenses -1,198.48

TOTAL OUTFLOWS --- 2,783.32


Four more of our Shipmates have been relieved of the watch.

Richard B. Bowser FC l/C
Died December 26, 2003

John W. Johnson Y l/C
Died February 2, 2004

Zeddy L. Rush GM 2/C
Died January 27, 2004

Carl E. Werner QM 2/C
Died November 6, 2003

It is our fervent prayer that these shipmates passed over the bar on a flooding tide and have at last found a safe and peaceful anchorage.

Bits and Pieces by Jim Friday
I have maintained contact with the manager of the Motel in Bath. For some reason the reunion in Bath sticks in my mind as one of the better reunions. I guess it was the trip through the shipyard, the trip down the river, the Memorial Service and above all, the lobsters.

Now it is on to Charleston. The reunion in Charleston will be held October 11.16, 2005. It will be held at the Town & Country Inn & Conference Center in Charleston, S.C. We have blocked out adequate rooms for the reunion. The charge for the rooms will be $89 plus 12% tax for single or double.

My plans right now are to go to Charleston in Mid May to firm up the arrangements for the meals, tours, and the accommodations for the Motel.

Tentatively our plans will include a tour of the Magnolia Plantation, a tour of the Historic District, a tour of the harbor which will include Fort Sumter, with a Memorial Service on one on the ships moored at Patriot's Point. We will have lunch in the CPO mess.

It will be an interesting reunion! Save the dates!
"thanks for saving my life!"

Charleston's Vibrant past begins at Charles Towne Landing, the site of the original 17th century settlement. Throughout the area, drives framed by moss-covered live oaks lead you to plantations and landscaped gardens. Or you can take a tour of charming neighborhoods, where the centuries old homes have as many stories to tell as the people who live in them.

Military history unfolds on a leisurely boat cruise to famous Fort Sumter, the launching point of the Civil War. Visit the world's largest naval and maritime museum at Patriots Point, home of the aircraft carrier Yorktown. See the H. L. Hunley submarine, the first submarine in the world to sink a ship.

Window-shopping is an art form in Charleston. From intricately crafted baskets to paintings and sculptures, dozens of galleries display the Low country's finest artists.

Accented with colorful window boxes, scrolled iron gates and expansive harbor views, the area's graceful streets house a mix of shops, antique galleries, a thriving city market and restaurants to suit every taste.

After a day of touring, sample a casual meal of she-crab soup followed by shrimp and grits on a breezy outdoor patio, toast your visit at a rooftop jazz bar, or linger at one of the area's four-star restaurants, where the chefs are as celebrated as their menus. Nationally known for cuisine with a Southern flair, every meal comes with a side order of ambiance that is typical of Charleston.

If flying is so safe, why do they call the airport the "terminal?"

Dick Zimmerman called looking for Bowser and a ride to the reunion in Bath. At the time nobody knew where Bowser was, so I gave him Bullock's number, hoping that Don had heard something.

Fred Rasmussen had a year of challenges last year. After a prolonged stay in the hospital, he moved into a care center. In September he had to have surgery for a pacemaker. He's hanging in there, he says he moves slowly but surely. He has a new address-- see Roster Changes.

K K Kisker came home from a week in Hawaii just before Christmas. There was 2 feet of snow on the ground and it was c 0 I d. Hope you didn't start any grass fires over there, KK!

Richard Case thinks the reunion in Bath was great, but he is saddened because so many couldn't come. He also thinks the October newsletter was great and especially enjoyed the pictures. Says maybe he will see us in Charleston.

Tito Aguinaga dropped a card. Says he will see us in Charleston.

Joyce Hidalgo wrote an epistle. George was in the' hospital just before Christmas and he had to go on dialysis. Of course he was cursing the fact that he was tethered. He was very ill and very weak, but after the first of the year he will begin peritoneal dialysis, which he can do at home. Joyce talked to Pearl and says she is well and as crazy as ever.

Dick Lowe noted on his Christmas card that he enjoyed the e-mails I sent him but can open very few of the attachments. Well, Dick you just click on that little doodad Seriously, some of the attachments need two or three windows opened--you just keep opening windows until you get to the nitty-gritty.

Frank Hanes hopes we didn't all go broke at L. L. Bean's. He says they are pretty much staying at home. Frank, I bet you made it to that Awards Banquet and Charleston isn't that much farther, so get off your duff and get down there. We want to see your handsome face one more time before we all cash it in.

Vic and Lucille Paradis had a great time at the reunion in Bath. They made it home safely and then made plans to go south to Texas for the winter. Yawl have a good time, ya hear?

AI Bender called looking for Bullock's phone number. He attended Bowser's Memorial Service and thought Bullock might want to go along. AI has been calling quite a bit, which I enjoy very much. He has lots of unused minutes on his cell phone. And here all along, I thought it was because he liked me!!!

Lida Gull ordered two of the prints for her grandsons. She also thanked us for getting her the hats she was looking for and for keeping in touch. She also sent a Little something for the kitty.

Keith Davis says it was good to see everyone at the reunion. He sent a check for a print and a little something for the kitty. Says he hopes to see us in Charleston and thanks for saving Ben's life.

Joseph R. Connelly, M.D. ordered six each of the prints and says he is proud to be a "plank owner." Virginia Thatcher also ordered some prints. They are selling great!!

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