3-24-05 USS Wadsworth DD516 Newsletter March 2005



Fred Marler - Editor
Don Bullock - Publishing & Mailing
Jim Friday - Business manager, Reunions

My name is Lutz Weiser. I found your site by looking for the D-172, ZERSTOERER 3 of the German Navy. I was on the ship in 1978. Your site was very intersting to me. Now I know a lot more about this ship, and it's brave sailors.

Enclosed, I have sent you two photos of D-172 from my time aboard. Hope you like them.
Lutz Weiser
Hamburg, Germany.

Bob Ross forwarded some pictures of USS WADSWORTH after it was transfered to your country. I am responsible for having a reunion of the WADSWORTH every two years. We are having a reunion this year (2005) in Charleston, South Carolina: The ship was decommissioned here In 1946. I am inviting you and any former ship-mates to the reunion. It will be a nice event.
Jim Friday.

Dear Jim: Thank you for inviting me to the reunion of our destroyer. I'm afraid I can't take part at this event because I haven't enough vacation left. It would be nice if you could inform me in time if you meet in 2007. Than you once more.
lutz Weiser

Beaujean.s Daughter to Meet Sanderson
Dear Don:
Martha and I were glad to receive the last newsletter. I did not realize how expensive the letters were. We have enclosed a check to help with future expenses.
We enjoyed meeting you in Bath, Maine at the last reunion, As you may remember, Martha and I attended and brought my mother, Jane Moyer. We really enjoyed it.
We came to the reunion because Martha's father, Don Beaujean, was a plank owner of the USS WADSWORTH. He was in communications and was a good friend of Malcolm Sanderson, whose letter you published in the last newsletter. We just called Malcolm this evening and told him we are moving from Maine to Dallas, Texas, so we are finally going to meet him. After about 60 years we are going to meet a best friend of Martha's father for the first time.
Bob Collins

Hi Fred:
I hope this check will help with the mailing expenses.
I won't make the reunion as I am 82 years old and it is too far to travel. Looks like all my friends have already gone, and I'm close to being next. Anyway, have a good reunion.
Ken Braziel, MM1C

Dear Don & Mary:
Received the newsletter and am glad to hear every thing is progressing towards the reunion in Charleston, S. C. I sure hope I can make this one.
Tito called me the other day, but I don't have his phone number or his address. Could you jot them on this post card and return it to me. I would like to return his call.
Enclosed is check to help with expenses.
Arthur E. Yount

Dear Don:
Thank you for keeping me on your mailing list. I sure enjoy the newsletter, as Zed always dld and I miss discussing with him about all the news. I appreciate being in touch. You do a great job.
I am enclosing this donation for the WADSWORTH expense fund, in memory of Zed and to say "thanks."
God Bless you all!
You are all very special
Mary Rush
Stress is when you wake up screaming and then realize you haven't fallen sleep yet!

Dear Fred & Don:
I have been requested by friends to send you the enclosed photos of the monument I had done for Zed. I wanted the WADSWORTH as a tribute to Zed and this art work was taken from a framed picture. The artist did a great job with every detail, and the name and number are there too. I was pleased with the final result and think Zed would be proud. Thought this would be nice to share with his shipmates, for you are the best. My best to all of you. I enjoy the newsletter, you do a great job of putting it together.
Kind regards and God Bless
Mary Rush

Betty Pearce
Keith and Dawn Davis
43 Winona Trl
Lake Hopatcingl NJ
Telephone 973-663-9419

Fred Rasmussen
5455 NE 88th St.
Altoona, IA 50009

OOOOPS -----
In our last Issue, we reported that Norman Keil died in 1966. A grand daughter, or some relation, called Don Bullock and advised him that the date of Keil's demise was 1996.
We apologize for this error, and promise that it will not happen again.

JUST CALL ME "SIR" I apprecIate receiving the news letter. I remember reading that you have the records of the crewmembers. I left the ship a Storekeeper 2nd Class. I stayed I in the Navy until 1972, during that time I progressed up the ranks to Lt. Commander. You may address me as Storekeeper 2nd, as long as the paymastel continues to pay me on the Lt. Commander rank.
I look forward to seeing you in Charleston, if my health holds up.
Best wishes to all;
John Rausch

BITS AND PIECES - by Jim Friday
Don't miss the chance of a lifetime to visit one of the most historic cities with your friends in a group. It will be the perfect chance for children and grandchildren to be safe and comfortable to visit Charleston.

Our 20th reunion will be held in Charleston, S.C. October 11-16, 2005 at the Town & Country Inn. The rates are $89 for a King or Double Queen. These rates also include a buffet breakfast for two persons. This is a beautiful hotel with fitness center, outdoor and indoor pools, and a restaurant and lounge with lowcountry cuisine.

As a reminder this is the place where the Wadsworth was decommissioned in 1946. One of our tours will visit about the same area that the shipyard was located. The ships and the shipyard are no longer there.

We have arranged for four days of optional tours. We have scheduled a tour of the Historic District, which will include The City Market, East Battery Street, the site of the first battle of the Civil War, and Broad Street to mention a few. We have arranged all of the tours which should minimize the amount of walking.

A tour has been arranged to visit the Magnolia Plantation. This Plantation is still under the original family ownership going back thirteen generations. After a visit to the main house, we will board a Nature train for a 4-mile narrated ride through the wildlife refuge outskirts of the Plantation's 500 actes.


Last year George Hidalgo was in and out of the hopital so much that there were times when I don't think George knew whether he was coming or going. He's better now, though he still has trouble standing or walking for any distance. Joyce hopes that by spring they will be able to go to the park and begin walking some, using the wheel chair to walk behind. If I know Hidalgo, he'll be trying to do wheelies in the darned contraption.
Frank Hanes wrote to say that he is still walking three miles a day and he hopes that I am doing the same. Sorry to disappoint you Frank.
John O'Hagan wrote to say that he sure wanted to see me last summer when I was up his way, but he was tied down with all the details of finlshing up the earthquake damage repairs. He says that all that is left is some trimming and the painting. He hoped that I could read his writing. He has to hold the pen with both hands due to tremors in his writing hand. They say that these tremors are a sign of a long life, but John says it takes him so long to write that he doesn't see any gain.
Richard Case wrote to say that they are planning on making the reunion in Charleston, and says that he will see us there.
Kelly Lowe wrote and said thanks for all the good work on the newsletter. He also thanked me for the e-mails I sent, but can't get the attatchments open. They are looking forward to the reunion and Jean is planning to spend some time with her granddaughter, who works in Charleston as an intensive care, heart surgery nurse.
Vic Paradis Wrote to say that he an Lucille will spend the winter in Texas. They are probably still down there. They are planning on the reunion, if all goes well. They both feel fine and hope it stays that way.
Idella Truitt wrote. She has a new great-granddaughter, Makayla, who is growing like a weed and is so beautiful. (Aren't they all?) She doesn't crawl, she rolls and pushes herself around and talks all the time and sings. She's a good baby and Idella gets to take care of her, which she enjoys very much.
Alexander DeLannoy called. He and his wife moved to New Jersey in January. He had been having health problems, fluid on the lungs. When they got the problem corrected, his doctor suggested a more agreeable climate so they moved north to be close to their, children. Shortly after the move, DeLannoy lost his wife to a stroke. Though he is alone, Alex is doing all right. He says the new digs are nice.

Dear Don:
Leon asked me to send this note, as you wouldn't understand his writing---he says.
Leon joined the Navy in 1939 and was in Bath, Maine for the launching of USS WADSWORTH.
We both have heart conditions, but are doing okay.
Enclosed is a check to help with postage. We enjoy the newsletter and appreciate all that you are doing. Thanks so much.
Dorothy V. Smith - Leon V. Smith

Some time ago, it was suggested that we consider reprinting the blue Wadsworth Cruise Book. After researching the matter, there simply was not enough interest shown to warrant the cost of reprinting. Sorry to disappoint those that missed out on the original printing.
'When a man gets too old to set a bad example, he starts giving"good advise.

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