+15 Wadsworth DD516 Wadsworth Newsletter April 2002



Fred Marler - Editor
Don Bullock - Publishing & Mailing
Jim Friday - Business manager, Reunions


Dear Don:
Year 2001 is almost over and it hasn't been our best year. Starting in January, I went to the hospital for colon cancer surgery. One month I later, I was back in the hospital with a heart attack. I recovered very well from that with the 4 help of eight weeks of cardiac rehab. We went in for our regular eye exams and discovered Helene had macular degeneration in both eyes. We went ahead with our plans to attend the ; annual Fleet Reserve Association convention in Boise, Idaho to be followed by a week in Yellowstone National Park.

As time went by Helene's eyes got worse and I was starting to also have eye problems. By summer, her eye doctor declared her "legally blind" and I started laser treatment for my left eye. While visiting my heart doctor in early summer, he advised me to cancel our trip, as he said I would have one heck of a time finding a good heart hospital if I had any problems. So, we cancelled our trip.

Thank goodness we have Helene's daughter, Lillian, living with us, as she is our main driver and reads everything that we can't. I was able to get an "agent's" pass so she can take me to the commissary and Helene to the exchange.

Helene and I both renewed our passports and hope to take one final trip to visit her brother in France, then our friends in Germany, England and Ireland. Keep us in your prayers, we wish you all well in health
All Our Love
John, Helene and George
PS. After reading this you will now see why I couldn't make the reunion. "Thanks for saving my life!" I love the newsletter so keep me on the mailing list.

Mrs. Fusselman Toasts The Crew

Dear Mr. Bullock:
In going through the accumulated mail after a five month case of pneumonia, I found this communication from you and am returning it. It's probably much too late, but here it is, all fil1ed out. I'd hate to be in charge of an all inclusive Navy Memorial--the organizing of it all, I mean, wouldn't you?

However, the battle of Okinawa, land and sea, was so extremely important that I'm sure it will be well presented.

Your idea of a Wadsworth cap for every- one at the reunion was splendid. Thank You.

If you sent me any answer to my communication about my husband's death, I'm sorry not to have acknowledged your courtesy, but I was very sick and am even now limp as a wet noodle. It's weird to have lost five months out of the year.

You seem to have had a grand reunion -- the south does things nicely doesn't it? The "Willy Wads" was a wonderful ship, manned by wonderfully able men and captained by skip- per who was not only able, but lucky all his life, so ship and crew were brought safely home. I don't know how you all stood it for ten weeks, or even ten minutes.

We will drink a toast to all you brave men, heroes all, this yuletide, and wish you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2002.
Yours sincerely;
Leonore Fusselman

Hi Donald:
Enclosed is a check for the yearly donation. The best bargain anywhere!! Sad to hear we lost some more shipmates. All we had on that "can" was nice guys, and they all helped save my life. Thanks Guys.
I think that new paper saved our letter from that machine.
John Bayless

Virginia Thatcher Says Thank You

Dear Mr. Friday:
I should have done this much sooner, but thank you for your thoughtfulness and kindness at the Mobile Reunion. The Memorial Service was a kind of closure for the children and I. I'm sure you understand our feelings. I just wanted you to know that you are appreciated.

This brings wishes for a happy holiday season and a healthy new year.

Curtis Haines Losses Son Dear Fred:
I attended the last reunion in Mobile, Ala and enjoyed it, even though I only stayed for a couple of tours. My son, Curtis, and my son- in-Law, Norman Troy, were with me at this re- union. They both enjoyed it.

I am writing this letter to inform you that my other son, Jeefrey, passed away on January 24. He was 36 years old and deaf from birth. He would have been 37 years old on February 4, 2002.

In all the reunions that I was able to at- tend, there may have been a time when he was with me, but it would be when he was fairly young.

Fred, diabetes has slowed me down and it has entered my feet, causing me to have trouble standing or walking. Outside of that, I am okay.

I hope you might include this information in your next newsletter. My wife, Eleanor is also suffering from diabetes and we both have to take insulin shots.

Well Fred, I will close for now and wish you well and may God bless you for doing such a good job on the newsletter. "Thank you for saving my life."
Yours truly
Curtis and Eleanor


Dear Fred:
As of March 10, 2002 we will have a new address. After living in the same home for over 50 years, we have decided it's time to slow down--no more shoveling snow, mowing lawns or upkeep of home and yard. We will be going into a small apartment but if we get itchy for something to do, we can always help our three children who live in the area.

Sending donation for postage, etc. for informative letters. Enjoy hearing what's going on with everyone.
New Address Jerome C. Bartlett
Regency Manor Apt. 3-2
Rutland, Vermont


Dear Don:
Thanks for sending the newsletter. I enjoy it very much. Wish I could send more, but right now its the best I can do.
Harry S. Newton

In Memory
Another of our shipmates has been relieved of the watch
Robert B. Nuechterlein
Died March 13, 2002


Bob Nuechterlein proposed to Barbara Miller at a family gathering on Christmas Eve. Barbara accepted his proposal and they were married on February 16. Following the ceremony they were to honeymoon in Las Vegas.

The honeymoon was cut short, however, because Bob didn't feel well. Upon arriving home, Bob was diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas. He underwent surgery on Wednsday and was informed of the prognosis on Thursday. He was moved to a Hospice on Monday and died Wednsday, quickly and painlessly.

Bits and Pieces
By Jim Friday

Plans are underway for the 2003 reunion in Bath, Maine. This will be the 60th birthday party for the Wadsworth. The Wadsworth was laid down at the Bath Iron Works (BIW) on 18 August 1942 and was launched 10 January 1943.

The tentative plans as of now are:
1. The dates will be Sept. 9-14, 2003.
2. We will stay at the Holiday Inn in Bath.
3. Motel rates will be slightly higher than we have been Paying. This is typical in this part of the country. We can expect to pay between $90 and $110 at the Holiday Inn. These are very good rates for Maine.
4. Plans are underway to have a social at the Maritime Museum with the people who built the ship and the people who sailed the ship. This will be a great event if we can pull it off.

There are many interesting sites to visit in this area. We would like to tour the shipyard providing the level of security at that time will allow it. If possible we would like to have our Memorial Service on one of the ships. If we should get really lucky, we could possible be witness a ship launching. We are hoping to schedule a shopping trip to Freeport to visit L L Bean, which will include their outlet shopping.

Did have the opportunity to spend some time in Florida in February and March. Ran into some very cold, rainy, and windy weather. Bummer!

"Thanks for saving my life."

How to get Your Philippine Medal

We've had several inquiries about obtaining the Phillipines Campaign Medal. This information may not be current, but here it is.

Send a copy of your DD214 discharge form or separation papers and $7.00 (Shipping and Handling) to:
The Defense and Military Attache
Attention: Colonel Regino I. Calub, Jr.
Armed Forces Affairs Office Embassy of the Philippines
1617 Massachusetts Ave. N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20036


The North Caroliniana Society will honor Frank Borden Hanes, Sr. with the North Caroliniana Society Award for extraordinary contributions to North Carolina's historical and cultural heritage.

The festivities will begin Friday, April 12, with a Wine Reception at the North Atrium at 5:30 P.M. This will be followed by an address by Hanes in the Dogwood Room at 6:00 P.M. and a banquet in the trillium Room from 7:00 til 9:00 P: M.
Way to go, Mr. Hanes!!!

Roster Changes

Alan Bender
9340 Sunrise Lake Blvd.
Sunrise, FI. 33322
Telephone 954 742 5924

Jerome Bartlett
Regency Manor Apt. 3-2
Rutland, Vermont 05701

Barbara Miller
500 E. Braeburn
Saginaw, MI 48603

Patricia O'Hagan passes

Pat O'Hagan passed away March 27, 2002 of congestive heart failure due to Parkinson's Disease.

For the last three years of her life Patty was fed a special formula forced through a tube into her stomach by a syringe. This was be- cause the muscles in her throat had failed. She was survived by two boys and two girls, all of which live in the local area.

The past three years have not been easy, according to John, but he is doing great now.


George Hidalgo and wife Joyce were in the Seattle area in February. Came out to attend a Grand daughter's musical recital. Yours truly and George had a grand old bull session.
Andy Delannoy called in March and we had a grand old bull session over the phone. Andy is doing well, though he has diabetes. His wife, on the other hand is not doing so well. She has been ill for some time.
Frank Fields called to tell me that he was not dead. It all came from the wording in a story that ran in the last newsletter. Two people named Frank in the same story. Frank Fields is not dead and any stories to the contrary are greatly exagerated. Sorry about that Frank.
Dick Bowser also called to tell me that Frank Fields was not dead--- enough, already!! Dick was back in the limelight on TV. A story about his involvement in the building of the St. Louis Arch aired in December. He also made it to the hospital in February. Had some heart trouble but the doctors couldn't do much. Said it would take a boiler-maker to fix that cold hard apparatus.
Fred Rasmussen turned 80 during the year and his kids gave him a birth-day bash. Really made his day. Fred says that now that he is 80 his life has had to change due to health problems. Cancer seems to be about the same, but diabetes has raised it's ugly head and disrupted Fred's diet. He has also become aware of the need for excercise.
Bob Ross sent the following-mail, received from Aris Bnilalis in Athens Greece.
"I would like to inform you on the fate of USS WADSWORTH. After serving for the German Navy she was sold to Greece in 1980. She was to be used as a spare parts source but was instead commissioned in Jan. 1981 as Nearchos (D65) She was decommissioned shortly afterwards and laid up at Souda Bay, Crete. Although "for sale" since 1993, she was reported afloat in 1998.
Aris Bilalis
Athens, Greece
After the reunion, Ben and Betty Pearce swung by Florida to visit Ben's cousin. Then they drove up the east coast to home. In December they went to Radio City Music Hall. Ben says he really enjoyed seeing the Rockettes, he said the last time he saw legs that good looking they were on a Thanksgiving Turkey. Let me tell you something, Ben, you never saw legs like that on any damned turkey!!
Vic and Lucille Paradis are wintering in Texas. Hope Vic keeps his head down on that back nine!
K. K. Kisker attended the 60th anniversary at Pearl Harbor. Says he is getting pooped from all this traveling. Well, KK it's a short hall to Bath.
Johnny Johnson is sorry he missed the reunion in Mobile. He came down with a prostate infection, but after four weeks of treatment, he got it under control. Says he enjoys the newsletters.
Helen Merideth wrote to say that Gordon's ashes were laid to rest in Tahoma National Cemetery in July. The Navy provided the honors. Helen says the service was nice.
Art Vount says he sure hated to miss the reunion in Mobile, since he was looking forward to seeing us all.
Jack Bromley wrote to thank the editor of the newsletter. He says he really likes it and to keep up the good work.
Clarence Carpenter reports that his wife, Diane is still in the Sunbridge Care Center in Toppinish. He drives up every other day. He says Diane's bed sores are getting better. This gal has had both legs amputated and has one rough time of it.
John Klarkowski says that he and Mary Ellen hope to see us all in Bath.
Tito Aguinaga says the shindig in Mobile was one of the best ever. Says he really enjoyed it. Admonishes me, Don and Friday to never leave you. Tito, that's the last thing on any of our minds.
Johnny Dodge returned from Florida in February.
Met Bender's new girl. Says she is attractive. Phyllis was in San Diego, but will return before Easter. Johnny got a new great grand daughter and also turned 81.

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