+15 USS ANTHONY DD515 NewsLetter #38


Issue #38 - Nov 23, 2002

In looking over the last newsletter, I saw that I had really pulled some goofs. Sorry about that. Will try to do better with this one.

I received information from the U. S. Navy Cruiser Sailors Association. They know that some destroyer sailors had also been cruiser sailors and thought that there might be some of our group who would be interested in their organization. If so, please contact Ronald Maciejowski, Membership Chairman, U. S. Navy Cruiser Sailors Association, 55 Donna Terrace, Taunton, MA 02780-2824. E-mail: clcanavy@aol.com. They had their l0th reunion this year.

When I visited my sister in Oregon in September, we met Ken Homer for dinner. Bill Sholin, author and kamikaze survivor, has founded the Kamikaze Survivors Assoc., which held its first reunion in Portland, OR this year. The next one is planned for May 7-10, 2003 at the Crystal Gateway Marriot motel in Washington, DC. To date, they have 171 members from 93 ships. Anyone interested in joining the orglmizalion or attending their reunion should contact Bill Sholin, President, Kmnikaze Survivors Assoc., P.0. Box 7438, Bonney Lake, WA 98390- Phone no.: 360-897-8040.

Several people wrote me after the newsletter went out in February about health problems they had, and I neglected to put the infonnation in the last letter. I'm sorry about that and hope that they have all improved.

Wallace Salisbury e-mailed me in February that he and his wife were both having health problems. His new e-mail address is walsal@altavista.com.

I received a letter from Karl Kaftan's daughter that he had passed away on April 8th of cancer. He had been ill for some time.

Jane ErtIer's daughter called me in July. Her mother had passed away on March 2nd of this year. Fred and Jane had been on our first reunion committee and two others after d1at.

The following people are new to our mailing list, but I neglected to put them in the June newsletter:
Charles Dhuey - 408 3rd Street, Casco, WI 54205
Norman T. Shmidt - 8617 No. East Thompson, Portland, OR 97220
Leo Johnson - 605 Riverbend Rd, Lena, MS 39094

Stanley Blask - P.O. Box 84, West Point, CA 95255
Robert White - 9815 MUrray Dr., LaMesa, CA 91942. E-mail: bert-drew@4dcomm.com
Norn Davis - 204 Lynville Rd., Trencom, MS 39354
James W. Hales - 2582 Ardsley Dr., Durham, NC 27704. E-mail: Clapperbox@aol.com
Jeff Wiatt, Nonrm's son, located the ship on the Internet. He said that his dad had served on other ships but liked the Anthony the most. His address is: 24548 Lorikeet Lane, Valencia, CA 91355. e-mail: jwiatt@attbi.com

New addresses:
Harold Learned - 309 Sheridan Ave., Winchester, VA 22601. E-mail: learned18@)hotmail.com
Jack Govanus - 531 Theresa Ct, Kimberly, WI 54136. E-mail: jgovanus@aol.com

New e-mail addresses:
Al Jose': alcarole@usamedia.tv
Pat Ball: tazman@pacificonline.net

Joe O'Connell's son, Terry, is hoping that someone will remember his fadter, who passed away on II/24/79 from colon cancer. If anyone does remember Joe, please contact Terry at 1127 Crystal Spring, San Antonio, TX 78258 - Phone: 210-481-2864.

Bob Kraft had a slight stroke on October 4th. The last letter I had from him seemed to indicate that he was doing better. He's complaining about the cold weather in Florida.

Bob Ross sent information via his e-mail list, about the Anthony after being turned over to the Germans. Heinz Atbers sent the infonnation to him. His e-mail address is heinz@heinz-albers.de. Also, check History of Zerstoerer 1 in English - http://www.heinz-albers.de. - Look under the link "Navy" and click on the blue colored link "History of Zerstoerer 1 in English" or go to Bob's Home Page (http://bobrsr.com) then Anthony Home Page. Go to Contributors page, click on Heinz Atbers to read his e-mail and see the photo of the ZI when the torpedo hit her.

The response to the question concerning a reunion for next year was very poor. Bob and Claire Nelson have hosted five reunions and are unable to do any more. If the membership wants another one, someone will have to agree to host it, whether it's with another ship, Tin Can Sailors, Kamikaze Survivors in DC, or perhaps another location more accessible on the East Coast or the Midwest. There are reunion planning centers which will do most of the work. I do some, but someone will have to be in charge. If anyone will accept that job, please contact Bob Nelson at 130 Lone Tree Drive, Lakeview, AR 72642-7131. Phone no. 870-431-8518. E-mail: rmncn@cox-intemetcom. He has information on some reeunion centers.

If there are no further reunions, it will also mean the end of the newsletters; as the reunions, plus donations from individuals over the years, have funded them.

I hope that someone will feel that they will do the job.

Charlotte Goerlich:
633 Edgley Ave.,

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