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Congratulations on being selected as a top military site!

Our editors have selected your site as one of the best military sites on the Web. Military.com recognizes your website as a valued resource for the military community. We salute you and your efforts. In appreciation, we would like to present you with our Distinguished Military Site Award.
Earning this award entitles you to display the award on your site for the remainder of 2001.
Again, congratulations on a great military site!

Best regards
The Military.com Team
March 28, 2001
I wish to thank all Crewmembers, relatives and friends who have sent information and photos to made this site what it is.
Bob Ross

Enclosed find attached the first award I have given out in about 9 months- do not give these freely!! The Sailor of the face of it is my Dad, age 19 WWII, gone but never forgotten - feel this is the best way I can pay tribute to him.

Congrats on a fine set of pages built around some fine built BIW ships....

Wayne (Cookie) Cook, Webmaster
May 5, 2001
Note: BIW means Bath Iron Works, Bath ME

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