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BookMarks 4/25/01


I do not know if you use Netscape or Internet Explorer (IE).

I use Netscape 4.77.

This is how to bookmark addresses ( the URL) in Netscape.
In IE is called Favorites and PROBABLY works the same way.

There are several ways to do it. This is easy
1. When the page you want loads,
b. click on Add bookmark.
This adds the URL to your bookmark file at the bottom of the list.
2. Click on bookmark.
a. scroll down to bottom and find the name of the page you just bookmarked.
b. You can leave it there
c. Move it up to the top
d. Move it to one of the folders
e. Create your own folder.

For now, lets just move it to the top of the list.
1. Scroll back to top of the page.
2. Click on EDIT Bookmark.
3. Scroll back down to the file.
4. Put your mouse pointer on the file and click. It is highlighted.
5. Hold the LEFT mouse button down and MOVE THE FILE TO THE TOP OF THE LIST. Do not release the mouse button until it is where you want the address to be.
Close the bookmark file by clicking on the "X" at top right.

Next time you want to bring that file up, click on Bookmark, find the file you want and DOUBLE CLICK on it.

Next tip we will create a folder and move the URL to it.

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Local Mail 4/23/01

Netscape Email
Cleanup your Local Mail In-Box

Your Local Mail box has several folders automatically set up when you set up your email program.


You can create as many additional folders as you need.

Nearly everyone I visit has old email messages in their IN BOX that they want to keep.

We all have certain messages we want to keep. The thing to do is create a Folder for these and empty your inbox. This will Speed up reading new mail by emptying your IN BOX.

NO, not deleting them, File them in their own folder.

This is a simple operation.

Say you have a message from your son/daughter that has been in your INBOX for ages and you still want to keep it. OK, lets save it.

Highlight Local Mail.
Click Right button on your mouse. A drop down box appears.
Click on NEW FOLDER. A New Folder box opens.

Lets say the persons name is Bob Ross..
In the Name box type Bob Ross, - Press Enter.

You now have a new folder "Bob Ross"

Use the scroll bar and scroll down and find Bob Ross in the list. It should be there. After you find it, click on IN BOX. Your list of messages in your InBox fills the window.

Find the messages from Bob Ross you want to keep.
Put Mouse pointer on it, Right Click your mouse.
From the drop down list, click on MOVE MESSAGE.

When you click a Dropdown list of all folders you have created appears.
Move the mouse pointed to Bob Ross, click the LEFT mouse button. The message is removed from your INBOX and is now in the folder BOB ROSS.

Repeat this operation until all messages to that person is moved to his/her folder.

Create NEW folders for any other person or company you want to keep messages from.
Move them to the folder until your INBOX is empty.

Any future email you will receive can be accessed, read and moved, copied, or deleted as you choose.

It sure speed up reading your email every day.

NOTE:Make it a habit to empty your TRASH FOLDER regularly after deleting email.

If you have questions email me.

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Disk Cleanup 4/13/01

Windows 98 provides a way to clean up your disk of accumulated TEMPORARY (TMP) and (TEMP) files which can take up lots of valuable space.

Disk Clean Up allows you to remove these unnecessary files.

You can schedule DISK CLELAN-UP to run everytime your PC is turned on or you can do it manually from time to time.

To Schedule Automatic Disk Clean Up when you turn on your PC:
1. Click Start
2. Move pointer to Programs
3. Move pointer to Accessories
4. Move pointed to System Tools
5. Move pointed to Schedule Task
6. Click on Schudule Task.
7. Window opens, Click Next...
8. Click on Add Schedule Task
9. The Schedule Task Wizard Window opens and gives a listing of files.
10. Scrol down to Disk Clean Up
11. Click Next
12. Put Check in box When Computer Starts
13. Click Next.
14. Click Finish.
An Icon Maintenance-Disk Cleanup now in window.
RIGHT click on the icon
Click Properties to view what you have selected, or to make changes in when Disk Cleanup is to run.

Now is a good time to Set up Automatic Run Schedule for
SCANDISK. To run weekly
DEFRAG - To run weekly about 30 minutes after Scandisk runs.

To MANUALLY run Disk Clean Up:
1. Click on Start
2. Move pointer to Programs
3. Move pointer to Accessories
4. Move pointed to System Tools
5. Move pointed to Disk CleanUp.
6. Select the C: drive and click OK.
Select the types of files you would like to delete, Click OK.

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Name in From Line 5-14-01

Add YOUR NAME in From Line Before Email Address

Do you get email with only the email address? No signature to let you know who wrote? This is ok for those you communicate with regularly, you get to recognize the email address. But... there are others that you wonder who it is from. Well, lets fix it so everyone will know who you are because your name will be in the FROM line in front of your email address. Lets do it: 1. Click on Local Mail at top left in your Mail folder. 2.Click on Edit, then Preferences, 3. The preferences page comes up. 4. Click on Identify. Read the top then fill in as you want your name to appear. Name: Bob Ross Email Address: Reply-to: leave blank Organization: Whatever you want.. or leave blank Signature: Your signature (See Tips pg1 for how-to) If you create a signature, Click Choose and find the signature file. Click box in front of Attach my personal card.... 5. Click Edit Card 6. Card for YOUR NAME comes up. a. Fill in the information you want to appear. b. Click on "Notes" Add any info you want to appear at bottom of your email. 7. Click ok when forms completed 8. Click ok when finished. Page closes. Ok, You have added your name in fromt of your email address in the From line. You have provided your signature and info to appear at end of your message Lets Check it out: Click on 'New Msg' Your Signature is in the compose window. (If not, you did something wrong-- Check it and do again) In To Line put your email address. WE WILL NOT ACTUALLY SEND IT, BUT YOU CAN IF YOU WANT TO. In Subject line type : Test In composer window type Test Name and Signature. (or whatever)... Message is composed. If you want to send it, click send message. After it is sent, click Get Get message. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SEND IT TO CHECK IT. 1. Click on File, 2. Click on Send Later. 3. In your Local Mail Folder, a. click on UnSent messages. b. The words Test is in your mail box window. Click on the file name "Test" c. The message appears, 4. Your name is in the From line with your Email address. 5. Your signature is under the word test. A box is there giving your name, email address. To the right of this is a Line"View completed Card) and Add to Address Book. If everything checks out ok, click Delete to get rid of the test msg. Thats all there is to it. Everyone will know who you are, and can automatically add you to their address book by clicking on the Add to Address Book line..... If you have difficulty, email me. Bob Ross -

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BookMark Folders 6-5-01


Ok, you learned how to save your url's to Bookmarks/Favorites. This is fine, but your bookmark list is too long. Lets create some folders by subject and make it easy to find.

When you started, Netscape created a few folders for you and had a few addresses in them.

Lets say you have a bunch of url's for Computer tips. It takes forever to find the one you want. Lets put them all in one folder.

Click on Bookmarks. The list opens.
Click on Edit Bookmarks. The list now shows everything you have.
Now look at the list. If you see the same name more than once, check the complete line. If duplicate, click to hilite then press Delete key. Clean up all the duplicates you find.

Now lets create some new folders...........
Bookmark page is open. You are in Edit page.

Click on File, In the drop down window,
Click on New Folder. A Bookmark Properties window opens.
In the Name box, type in Computer Tips. In description you can tell yourself what the folder contains, or leave blank.
Click OK. You have a new Folder now - Computer Tips. Tips is at the top of the bookmark list. Note some of the folders have + signs in front of them. This means there are files in them.
Your New folder has no mark in front.

You are still in the Edit mode.

Lets file everything alphabetically.

Click on the name Computer Tips. It is hi-lited.
Click and hold down LEFT mouse button and move (drag) it down below anything you have starting with B. Release mouse button.

The Computer Tips folder is now at the new location.
Find one of the tips and click on it to HiLite.
Press and hold down Left mouse button and move (drag) the file to the new folder. As you drag it note the folder shadow moves as the pointer moves. When the new folder is hilited, release the left mouse button.
A Plus (+) sign appears in front of the folder name. Continue moving each address until all are in the folder.
All done, Click on the + sign. An index of all the files appears.

You can do this for any subject you want to create. It really saves time if you bookmark lots of locations.

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